Sunday, September 03, 2006

A great weekend...

Saturday was a great day! Yes David, I am enjoying a stress-free weekend, thanks for the good wishes. Also, the boy-o says Thanks! for the good luck thoughts.

A day at the Ashby Flea Market for backpack bargains, great turkey dogs, a wooden practice sword (for the boy-o), and a bag o' beads for my RYS II. On the way home, we stopped at Milano Gelato in downtown Berkeley for the best gelato ever! I recommend the Cantelope and Strawberry flavors. The boy-o recommends After Eight and Chocolate Chip. Yum! Yum! For dinner it was In 'n Out Burger.

A day of bargains and favorites. Topped off with a few more inches knitted on the mystery gift and the RYS II.

Today was good too. I did wake up early (about 4am ish) and couldn't go back to bed, but that's ok. I got some design ideas about some furniture I want to build for the apartment. Now I need to get them down on paper before I forget them. I did laundry before we went to the Senior Center's All U Can Eat Pancake Breakfast. Scroll down to the Drop-In actitivies list for Sunday. I highly recommend this - $2.25 for adults, $1.25 for kids under 12. The pancakes taste yummy and are served with a smile. After breakfast it was back to the house for rest before the boy-o went to Black Diamond Games for Privateer Press Play day. He spent 4 hours kicking butt and getting his butt kicked playing War Machine. While he was there, I went school supply shopping, school clothes shopping, and just hanging out. Needless to say I am now broke - this is getting more expensive every year.

Now I will get some ideas down on paper and then knit.

Tomorrow is a day of nothing or everything. Depends on what we feel like doing when we finally do get up in the morning. I like unstructured days...

I don't have any progress pictures - the RYS II still looks the same even with a few more inches on it and I can't post a picture of the mystery gift yet - not til I'm done and it's been gifted. Maybe I'll post a picture of the beads I bought. Can't wait to start working on that part of the shawl...

Take it easy folks, have a safe and restful Holiday tomorrow.

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