Friday, December 15, 2006

General blah blah blah...

OK, so before I start my series of posts concerning my "That 70's Apartment...", I thought I'd fill you in on some 'other' stuff.

Remember the "Black Thumb of Doom" post? And how well our Lucky Bamboo were doing? Raise your hand if you think you know what I'm about to show you...

Yep...check out the brown-ness starting to happen. They actually look a lot worse in person than in the picture. I took a picture of their 'good' sides.

...their luck is running out. Dammit. We've had them for so long and now they start this. Do these things have some kind of ridiculously short half-life I don't know about? WTF?!?!

And then there's this horror...gee thanks Spencer. That's the last time I let you play with my camera while we wait for the train...

...totally Chintastic. NOT. Take a good look. I'm getting rid of it. Purging all my extra baggage. The chipmunk cheeks and triple chin? Gotta. Go. Now. Ugh.

So as not to depress anyone even more than they are now (meaning me), I leave you with this...

...2 chicks at the BART station giving hugs to anyone who wanted one. The 2 chicks turned into 2 chicks and a guy, then 2 chicks, a guy, a Mom, and a Kid. We added one more chick before Spence and I got on the train to go home. Spence thinks I'm a freak (so what else is new), and he was embarrassed at first, but we ended up having fun. It helped me feel better after a frustrating day at work, and my hugs in turn cheered up others as well. Pay it forward... Spence and I give good HUG - the 'squeeze the stuffing outta ya' bear hug kind. The kind that'll turn a grumpy commuter into a happy person going home to his family.

I gave them my email so they can let me know when the next "Hug Patrol" happens 'cause I wanna do it again - use my hugging powers for good. Hee Hee

I have officially been branded "My Mom the Freak". One more story to add to the "How my Mom embarrassed me in Public" list - it's getting long. bwahahaha!

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