Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'll take "What's in Drawer #3?" for $200 Alex.

Yet another clever game show reference. At least I hope it's still clever. You have to be clever to be on the show... Work with me people. Hey, I'm awake and having coherent thoughts...what more do you want?

Enough stalling, here's drawer #3...

Starting at top left and moving clockwise:

  1. Multi-color boucle recycled from a $1 thrift store sweater. This boucle was knit together with some black cotton crap to make the ugliest frikkin' sweater I've ever seen. The cotton crap didn't survive the frogging. The boucle is thin, but strong. I have knit several things with it, and still have 3 skanks left. I tire of it.
  2. Peach silk - 3 hefty skeins. I love to touch it. It's pretty and shiny. Someone will get a pretty shawl. It was from an out of style sweater rescued from the Thrift Store for $2.
  3. 1 ball of fuzzy Yarn Harlot S.E.X. yarn. Different colorway from the other ball already knit up into a scarf. This stuff is currently on the needles for, you guessed it, a scarf. Both are destined to be gifted for Xmas. I paid $3 each ball at the Yarn Harlot book signing back in September.
  4. Various balls and cones of cotton in all different weights and colors which are scattered throughout the drawer. I think I'll make myself an Om Bag out of the thick, dark, green cotton. I use the black and rust colored cotton to knit/crochet belly dance costume pieces for myself. Note to self: You really must finish one of those, they'd look really cool. The white and red are used for Holiday stuff. I paid fiddy cent or less for each of them at various Thrift Stores.
  5. Bottom right - um, a few skeins of um, yarn I've had since, um, 1981. My Sis bought it for me. Oh hush.
  6. Bottom middle is a bag of some lightweight silk yarn in a gorgeous burgundy color. This came from a small, sleeveless shell ($1 at the Thrift Store), so there isn't much. But someone will eventually get a very pretty, very lacey scarf.

And that concludes today's peek into Donnaz Drawers.

Here's a peek at something else...

Part of my Xmas gift to Antonella. We exchanged gifts today since she's not gonna be in the office next week. I'm still working on the rest of it. Notice the orange mitten ornament. I played it safe this time and left off the year.

I got some totally awesome stuff to pamper myself, 'cause you know I wouldn't get any of this stuff on my own. Thanks A, you're a doll.
And I got these...

Sock Monkey Slippers! I love them, absolutely love them! They are so comfy and warm and cozy and zzzzzzzzzzzz...d'oh. Got a little too comfortable there. Of course I'm already wearing them. Duh! They will feel good on my feet after all those miles I'm about to start walking...

When I wiggle my toes it looks like they are talking. Hee Hee Hee

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  1. omg, I loooove the slippers!

    And I dont know if it was a typo or on purpose (funny either way, actually), but you called your skeins or hanks "skanks" and that totally cracked me up.