Thursday, December 07, 2006

Monty, I'll take what's in Drawer #1 please!

Before we take a look at what's in Drawer #1, let's talk about the dresser. (Like my clever reference to Let's Make A Deal? Damn, I just dated myself, didn't I? Shit.)

Here's the picture again in case you forgot what it looked like since last post. Hey, it can happen.

Take a good look at it folks. Sometime in the near future, this ginormous thing is going bye bye. The yarn stays though - of course. But the dresser? It is way too big for my place and not a very efficient means of storage. And it SO does not go with my 'style'. I have yet to figure out 'my style', but I know this isn't it. It was very useful (and free - oh how I loved the free part), but now it's gotta go. Feel free to ignore the junk on top and underneath the dresser. I do all the time. hahaha! Oh, LOOK! Next to the dresser is my home-made knitty knoddy thingy. I made mine long and straight. Once around the knoddy = 2 yds.

And now, we reveal what's in Drawer #1? Did she make a good deal?

On the left, a Knifty Knitter Set of round looms. Purchased at Michael's with a hefty percentage off coupon. Good deal.

In the middle, some sort of purse closure thing stacked on top of a handle set. Purchased at full price. It was an impulse buy, what can I say? Totally out of character for me to impulse buy something not on sale, but oh well. Sometimes you gotta step out of the box. I have a thing for purses. The only kind of purse not in my collection is one I have knit. So there - impulse purchase justified. Nyah.

On the right, encased in two golden folder looking things, the jewels of my knitting needle collection. Two (yes two) sets of vintage (yes vintage) Boye needle sets. Be still my beating heart. I LOVE them. I USE them. I feel nekkid without them in my hands. OK, maybe not that extreme, but I do love them. A lot. The first set was purchased in TX by my wonderful, bargain shopper extraordinaire, and enabler, Mom. She rocks. She spotted the set, figured out it had something to do with knitting (she's a sewing person), and the rest is history. Price? $2.50 for a complete vintage (circa 196?) set. Mom rocks. Very good deal Monty! The second set, I picked up in Modesto at a Thrift Store while visiting friends. It's older than the one Mom found, the case is pretty beat up, and a few pieces are missing. I figured it would be a good addition to the set I already had - extra cables and needle points - you can't go wrong. Price? $1.50 I rock too. I learned from the best (you go Mom!). Another good deal Monty!

Crowd goes wild - applause, applause!

Not much in this drawer, it's a very skinny drawer. They get bigger and more exciting as we continue our tour.

Next we visit Drawer #2...

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  1. Yes, you are dating yourself.
    And I totally get the reference.
    The photo on my blog of the leg as vase?? The uncropped version was used for a flyer to promote a dance concert I did marking the 1 year anniversary of my accident. The wider shot shows a number on the door, and the dance piece I did that night was entitled "Door Number 3".

    Cant wait to peep in more of your drawers :-)