Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wake up snooze allowed.

I am woman, hear me GROWL.

Today at 9:30am I had an appointment with my doctor to discuss some 'abnormal' test results.

I've been waiting for a week to hear what exactly does 'abnormal' mean. It's never been good, so, how bad it is? It's been one hell of a week.

Diagnosis pre-diabetic.

Translation lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise or you will be diabetic in the near future.

Donna speak - get your ass in gear - NOW!

While it's not the best news one could get right before the Holidays, it could have been much worse. Since it was caught early, I have a chance to reverse things by taking care of myself (like I should have been all along). I have a lot of work to do. This will be tough for me, I don't do well with the whole 'you can't eat this or that' kind of thing and making myself exercise when I don't want to, but it has to be done. Therefore I will do it.

Best case scenario: I reach my health goals and the glucose tests come back normal. Continue with new healthy lifestyle, no worries.

Worst case scenario: I get diabetes eventually as in 15 to 20 years from now. Continue with new healthy lifestyle, deal with it when it comes.

Either case, I'm one hot babe with a rockin' bod when it's all said and done. ;)

Better late than never.

So what now? Make healthier food choices, watch portions, take care about what I put in my body. Good thing I'm signing up for the AVON walk. Now there will be no slacking off when it comes to training. Lose 20 pounds and take the glucose test again - in 3 months. That will be rough, but I can do it with a lot of hard work and the encouragement of my friends and family.

Oh yeah, and the ticker has changed. I did an official weigh-in with the doc this morning, so we start back at the beginning. New starting weight, new goal. I'll be going in every few weeks to the office just to weigh in on that scale - 'cause that's the one that matters. I might add another count down ticker for the first goal of 20 pounds by such -n such date. We'll see.

Until then, was this distracting enough from the Xmas knitting or do you really want to see my vintage handbag collection?

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  1. Anonymous5:20 PM PST

    Ugh, waiting for that talk with the doctor about abnormal test results is never fun.

    You can so do this!
    Remember Erik on BL? He had a similar diagnosis and he turned it around.

    I'm serious about doing the training with you if that'll help in anyway. You let me know!