Monday, January 01, 2007

Go Shopping

Happy New Year everyone!

Spencer and I have been busy over the Holidays.

A few weeks ago, I started dabbling in making stitch markers out of cast off earrings. That was a ton o' fun.

Well...I kind of got carried away...OK I got a LOT of carried away with the whole stitch marker thing and bought some beads and got my hands on some orphaned/broken jewelry, and tassels, etc. Plus, I found a whole bunch of jewelry fittings in my crafting stash from way back when. Told you I have a lot of crap. Had to do something with it all. That's what happens when your kid goes off to other parts of the country for a week and you take a short break from "Mom duties" for a bit. Got to fill up that time with something...

The whole making of the stitch markers is way too addicting (even Spence got into the groove when he came back) and I've got LOTS of markers now. Way too many for just one knitter. After gifting some to AmpuT, I still have tons left. So now, I have an Etsy Shop. Go check them out and love them enough to give them a good knitting home.

I've got a crafting habit to support, Spence has a Wii to save up for, and I'm raising money for Breast Cancer. Sharing the love. That's what it's all about at Casa de Chaos.


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM PST

    YAY!! You have a shop now! Whee! (and congrats)

    I feel very lucky to have been gifted not one, but two sets...and I really like them. What I favorite thing about the sets you gave me is that the rings are smaller, and the really hang nicley from smaller needles (which is a good portion of my knitting). Most of my other markers have big rings, and just sort of "get gangly".

    Good luck with this!

  2. Anonymous12:50 PM PST

    Donna those stitch markers are great and I think it's very cool that you started a little eShop. You're cool.