Monday, February 05, 2007

Check it, yo.

How many of you knew this was coming?

Bears came, saw, and lost to the Colts. Funny how he still has the same expression, isn't it?!? Sigh...

Now on to something completely different...


Yes folks...the Cigar gloves for my friend Gary are finally done and gifted yesterday. But they look more like Knucks - only without the embroidery (I discovered I don't like making fingers). Check 'em out...

Just in time for 70 degree F temps on game day. Oh well.

I think he likes them...Oh, and he asked me to stitch some silver stars on them (he's a Dallas Cowboy fan and they are the perfect shade of blue for that...)

I said, "If you want to wait 3 more months, no problem..."

"Check the gloves, yo."

Almost FO:

The Kittyville hat for my friend Gerson. I finished the base hat during the game yesterday. Now on to the cat ears, the ear flaps and the ties. Giddy up!

Next up on the needles? A few pairs of Knucks. Although I don't know how far I'll get. Dark blue gloves, black Kittyville Hat, 3 pairs of black Knucks. Dark, dark, dark...don't know if I can handle it. Time to find a pattern for all that light colored yarn I've got and start something up before I go wonkers. Hmmm, I did find something special at the thrift store a few weeks back I can use. But that's gonna be a surprise! Snicker.


  1. You snickered- color me intrigued.

    I hate knitting fingers too. I've convinced our male friends that fingerless gloves on a guy is still manly.

  2. hey, I'd still wear gloves when it's 70 degrees. He does live in the hills, I'm sure it got a little foggy for that after game cigar.

    I'm so facinated by the knucks. I want to make some, but knitting in the round still looks scary. Maybe I'll start on socks before I go to the knucks.

  3. Thanks for the gloves Donna! You da bomb yo!