Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm too sexy for my knitting...

...and no, there are NO PHOTOS. I was alone in the apartment and the cat still hasn't figured out how to take digital photos. Phew!

I knit on the Gossamer Shawl while wearing the mask only. Looks like I don't have to go as far as wearing the glasses with this yarn. Yay! Still, it's just damn sexy I tell you. This will not be a knit in public project. (Note to self - brush teeth after eating garlic laced dinner and before you put on the mask.)

More knitting was done on the Phoenix rectangular shawl - I'm almost done, but then again, I could add on another ball. I am still excited though since the closer I get to the end, the closer I get to the beaded part. :o)

I've started yet another shawl. This one is my current commuting project.

Still needing to finish the Kittyville Hat. Just have one more ear, yet it still sits untouched in Mr. Stuffles (the knitting bag).

That's 4 current projects. Three of them are shawls. I have yet to finish a shawl I've started. Am I setting myself up for 3 more frogged shawls? Stayed tuned for the exciting (or not) conclusion...

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