Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Las Ta-Tas...

Leaving Las Vegas

Well, left, actually. My husband decided we needed a break and treated us to a weekend away. We’re not fond of Vegas at all, but we do love Cirque de Soleil, so we flew out on Friday, saw two shows (O and Mystere) and came home Sunday. Saturday was fun – we headed here:
the Valley of Fire State Park and spent a couple of hours walking. My GPS kept doing weird things so I don’t know how many miles we walked, but I doubt it was more than three. It was pretty hard going. What wasn’t steep was mostly really soft, fine red sand. So fine it worked its way through the fabric of my sneakers and socks and I got a free foot exfoliation - and luckily no blisters. It was a great workout, and such a cool place! Really dramatic rock formations, caves, and petroglyphs left by the Anasazi sometime between 350 BC and 1150 AD. Here’s a shot of me taking a break.

See the band around my right ankle? That’s my tattoo – it’s Navajo symbols for gardening. I pulled the images off the internet and the artist put them together for me.

The sun is – yep, the sun. The turtle represents the earth. The diamonds are the milky way, and you can’t see the rain cloud and the corn (representing the harvest) on the other side of my leg. I chose Navajo because we lived on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico when I was very young. Oh yes – the S isn’t anything Navajo – it’s for my sweet hound-dog Shirley, who died in ’05.

So anyway, the walking was really cool. In the fun sense – so much to see, and it was so beautiful. It was not cool in the thermo sense – it was about 90 out – which is nothing for that area, but felt hot as hell. The sand was quite the challenge – I felt more sore than I did after last week’s extra long trek. It was great to get a different kind of workout. I made sure to stay sun-screened and hydrated, and it definitely helped.

Back in Las Ta-Tas – I mean Vegas, we visited a fine family fun spot, where I demonstrated how my doing the Avon Walk is supporting something Sin City finds very important.

Please ignore the really crappy picture of me. First, I can NEVER keep my eyes open when there’s a flash, and while I’m feeling pretty schlumpy these days, I actually don’t have 4 or 5 chins. But check it out – they’re a little blurry, but I’m wearing the earrings Donna made for the Knitters for Knockers Team. Thanks Donna!

This week’s walking should be more of the usual kind – I may go for more distance this weekend. See you next week!



Lucky Rachel...wisked away to Vegas. Sigh. And what dedication to her training! Even got in a walk while she was there. What awesome scenery!

Oh, and I just have to type this: Hooters Las Vegas. Wonder how many searches will end up here.....

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