Friday, April 20, 2007

Slowly catching up with technology...

Wow, it's done. High Speed Internet-a-go-go here at Casa de Chaos.

Aye carumba! This is too much fun...

I'll be posting over the weekend now when I have time...and might even start posting in the morning before I go to work!!! The connection is so fast now, I can if I want to...

Just a quick update:

No walking for us yesterday or today. Things just didn't work out yesterday and today I was so busy, I'm glad I told Antonella to drag me off to lunch. Otherwise, I would have just worked through it.

I got a wee bit wacked out at work today. Was already busy, but had a bunch of new stuff dumped on me late yesterday afternoon. Add uncooperative computers, impatient co-workers, little sleep, and loud pumpin' club music and got me today at work - a very silly, multi-tasking, singing, swearing, hyped up chick. And no, I don't drink caffeine - of any kind - cause I'd be that way ALL the time. And I'm sooo excited! I'll probably be working tomorrow (ack! on Saturday! Ack!) too. NOT.

Oooh, gotta run my dearies...Pleasant Distraction is on-line...

Happy Weekend!!!!


  1. You are too funny, bouncing off the walls and all with your new high-speed connection. You on caffeine WOULD be a sight (if only in my mind as I have no idea what you look like!).

    By the way, Pleasant Distractions are fun. I had no intention of looking for anyone at the time but I ended up marrying mine!

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM PDT

    What is the Pleasant Distraction you talk about?? Inquiring minds want to know...