Thursday, June 21, 2007

Woman takes out stress and anger on at 11... I PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so the truck shows up 15 minutes ago....and they take less than half of what I had for donation. Scratches on the footboard and it's a no go. I've seen stuff in their stores that was 10 times worse than just one scratch...falling apart...ripped furniture...stinky upholstered furniture...etc etc etc.

The other stuff they didn't take...I'll give them that much...I got those pieces for free and they are banged up a bit, but they function very well and could be useful to someone...especially someone who likes re-doing furniture finishes or painting furniture. But the bed frame..."It has a scratch on the footboard. I take it in and they will just throw it away."

Then take what you can and get your cigarette smelling, baggy pants ass out of my house!!!!!

For goodness sake...I'm giving you this stuff....GIVING YOU THIS you can turn around and sell it for 100% profit for your charity. I could have sold it myself and kept the money, but I wanted to GIVE IT TO YOU SO YOU COULD PROFIT. It's not piece of shit crap! It's not laying on the ground in pieces that should be thrown away!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

I am never going to get rid of the rest of it...I's's all cursed...and the only way to break the curse is to burn it...burn it all....but...since that is totally illegal...guess I won't...but I can sure as hell think of it and how much I would enjoy it.

Hmmmm....I did see in a movie once where if you dismember the demon possessed folks (yeah, I watch weird horror movies sometimes), they get unpossessed and can rest in peace...hmmmm...I've got power tools....lots of stress, anger, and frustration to vent...and an empty dumpster at the end of the building....hmmmmmmmmm...

ACK! Stupid conscience...I would feel too guilty about ruining something that someone else could get some use out of... ARGH.

Time for some tea (in my brand new teacup NOT purchased at the thrift store that wouldn't take ALL my stuff). Maybe a few online games. And then I drag Spence home from his friends house.

And I need to pack up some stuff for mailing. I see a trip to the Post Office in my future. Maybe tomorrow...I'm sure I'll show up this afternoon and they'll tell me I can't ship what I want to ship to my Honey over in England. And I can't take any more "No's" today. I'll explode.

Just writing about it all has helped me feel so much better already. But I still want to take a hacksaw to something...


  1. I've had that happen where Goodwill started getting picky about what they would take exactly. They refused to take 2 perfectly good working TVs and an old Playstation because of some "it was made before _______ year" thingy.
    Salvation Army was the same. I mean, come on people.... free money for charity.
    I ended up giving it all to this shop called Red White and Blue that is NOT a charity based shop, but sells donations because they don't give a damn what you donate- its all 100% free profits for them. The Playstation I turned in to this shop called the Record Exchange (where you can buy used CDs, movies, games, and consoles) and they gave me $20 for it.

    I would have rathered that a charity benefit from my cleaning spree- but whatever. So here's to say that I hear ya sister!

  2. Forgot to add.....
    If worse comes to worse and you become totally desperate to get rid of the stuff....
    Wait for the Thrift place to close for the day and drive the stuff yourself to the store and leave it by the donation receptacle.
    Then speed away like you stole something!! (what's a cop going to do? Catch you for donating?) Then it becomes their problem and not yours. Often, the delivery driver guys have standards that are not the same as the people actually at the store... ie, because they don't want to lift it, there is a problem with it.
    It will be a hassle, obviously since you keep scheduling for them to take it.... but enough is enough sometimes.

  3. Have you tried freecycle? -- it's awesome. And I'm sure someone would claim your furniture and haul it away for you who would want it and appreciate it.