Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stink Factor 2 out of a possible 10...

Picked up the boys yesterday with no incidents (as in I didn't get lost). They were pretty well cleaned up, the baggage wasn't too discombobulated and all three of them plus all their crap fit into my Corolla. YAY!

It was a bit longer trip on the way back because I had to stop for food and bathroom breaks and we hit a bit of traffic once we got back to the Bay Area. Not a bad trip at all, and I'm looking forward to driving them back on Sunday.

So long everyone...I'm waiting very impatiently for my son to wake up so we can spend some time together. Guess the days of him waking up before me are over...


  1. You have to drive them back?

    Hope you and Spence have a great weekend together! Did you pull the stuff back out of his room?

  2. When the eldest stopped waking up before me........

    it was time for revernge!!


    Ever have a grown adult scream the "Get Up Get Up In The Morning- Its Time To Rise And Shine" song while jumping up and down on your bed and throwing your comforter across the room?

    I swear he sleeps with one eye open nowdays.

    (hey, my verification word is aribotta... kind of crazy for Harry Potter release day- eh?)