Monday, July 09, 2007

A title, a title, my chaos for a title...

(Damn I can add a title...jeez...just 6 hours after I originally wrote the post...)

Well, work has dropped the ball again, so they are not bringing Honey over in the next few weeks as planned. We were both bummed.

BUT...he has decided to come over on his own dime when the fares drop a bit at the end of summer. He'll most likely come to visit in September and be here for two weeks. YAY!

While I am bummed that he has to pay for his tickets, I'm excited that we will be together again soon. Meanwhile, I still try to save whatever I can so I can get over there on his turf by the end of the year.

Wonder if my apartment managers would mind if I didn't pay rent for a month...just kidding!!!

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