Thursday, August 09, 2007

Change is good, but can be painful

Well, today ended many years of commuting to offices and sitting in cube farms. I am now officially "Working From Home". Sigh.

We've had major network issues all week. The guy who was supposed to come today to pick up all our machines and the remaining servers had to cancel and will be back tomorrow. He was stuck up at the main office working with the rest of the IT guys trying to get things working again. When I left at 3:45pm...we were still down. Sigh.

Packed up my 'children'...I have six desktop towers....made sure they were all labeled properly...said my goodbyes to the guys and the final goodbyes to my desktop children and headed out to Spencer's Art Show. Sigh.

Art Show was awesome. The kids did some great work. I'll post pictures of Spencer's work once I get all my photos sorted out. I'll also post a link to his claymation short once I get a copy of it up online as well.

Today has been long, sad, happy, tiring, you name it.

Tomorrow I will sort through my boxes of work crap and finish setting up my little space here. Might as well, I won't have access to anything until the network issues are fixed and my machines are plugged in and turned on. Sigh.

I don't have to commute any more. WOOOOOOOT!!

1 comment:

  1. What a busy and emotional day!

    I hope everything gets sorted out quickly and you are able to get settled into your routines.

    Let's do lunch in a few weeks, ok?