Thursday, September 13, 2007

2 days...

...and I'm freaking out. Lots left to do in the Chaos here to prepare for the Honey's visit. What am I most worried about? Surviving having two men in my apartment. Kitty is already scoping out new places to hide. (now that most of the crap is gone or at the Annex, she's gotta find some new spots) I'm wondering how bad the teasing will get and how much they will eat. I can never keep enough food in the house for Spencer...and Honey is staying for two weeks this time and we're going to eat in as much as possible.

Oh, by the way, my cooking skills have improved a bit lately, so we should be OK as far as eating in goes...if all else fails, I can always make breakfast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I make a killer breakfast.

What's left to do? Ummm...colored hair last night, so that's done...check! Haircut tomorrow at 1pm...oil change sometime between tonight and Saturday morning...mani/pedi shopping...sometime Saturday (need to make sure Spencer is safely off to his Dad's so he doesn't eat it all before Honey can get here - teens!!!)....a few more trips to the Annex over the next few days...clean the apartment (need to make sure Spencer is safely off to his Dad's so he doesn't mess it up before Honey can get here - teens!! [hey, I see a pattern here])...laundry...gah! hate laundry!...should really get the car like a dog with work work (you know how it is before vacation)...ummm...

Oh is that all?!? Actually it's not as bad as it sounds. The hardest part will be getting myself cleaned up and dressed to get to the airport in time Saturday night. I have Antonella at the ready to call me and make sure I've stopped obsessing about what to wear and actually get dressed so I can meet Honey's flight on time. Hopefully this whole swollen eye thing will have worked itself out and I won't look like I paid a visit to the local Fight Club.

Oh, yeah...about 2 hours ago, my right eye started itching and tearing. Of course, like an idiot, I rubbed it. Next thing you know...irritation major. Redness, tearing, itchiness maximus, and the lovely swelling of the lower lid. Don't know what the hell caused it, but that was pretty darn annoying. Not so red anymore, no more itchies, keeping my hands away from it. After some rinsing out and a small bit of ice, the swelling has gone down. Still tearing up a bit though...

...but that could be from some sad news I got earlier from my bestest friend ever while I was growing up in Chicago. Her Dad passed away this past Monday after a long, and painful battle with cancer. He leaves behind a loving wife, 10 children, 22 grandchildren, and many, many other relatives and friends. He lived a full, and long life and will be greatly missed - he was 84. Rest in Peace Mr. K.

I can't help but tear up when I hear news like this...I am human...and it also brings back memories of when my own Dad passed away 9 years ago. That was a very sad time for us, so I know what her family is going through. Wish I could be there in person for her, but she's all the way in Chicago...thinking of you T.

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