Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm not excited. Riiiiiight.

Well, the Honey is now en route to the airport....sent him off a sweet text message..... awwwwwww....

And here I sit wide awake and it's just about midnight. Argh. Knew this was going to happen though, so I'm going with it. Decided to post and maybe have a round of online Jigsaw puzzles.

The bedroom is all clean and ready. I told myself I wouldn't go to sleep tonight until it if I could only fall asleep. Gah.

Some laundry still needs to be done, but I can do that tomorrow while I vacuum and clean the kitchen/dining/living area and of course the dreaded bathrooms. If nothing else, I'm one hell of a multi-tasker.

Lots of stuff to take out of the house. One load for Donation and at least two to the Annex.

And last but not least...the groceries. If I get up at a decent time, and don't dilly dally, I could even sneak in a nap before Antonella calls at 4pm and tells me to get my ass in gear and get ready.

The Honey's flight arrives at 7:30pm. I'm either going to be there at 6pm, or show up at 7:35pm. That's just how things work in the Chaos... appointment went well. So great cut, no greys, eye back to normal now - same size as the other one...oh, and Cherry, I did consider a trenchcoat with high heel boots, but since I have neither, I'll just go with blindfolding myself, spinning myself around and bumbling into to the closet to pick what I'm going to wear. It's not like it's all that difficult either. The jeans and sandals are a gimme, I just need to pick a friggin' shirt! If I knew it wouldn't be chilly after the sun set, I'd wear a skirt. But still, all I'd have to do is pick out a friggin' shirt!

I'm, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go set up flight tracking for the Honey's flights so I can obsessively watch 'him' as I try and multi-task tomorrow. Oh, and put together a few online Jigsaws.

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