Friday, September 14, 2007

One. Day. Left.

Then you guys won't be hearing from me for a bit...

As Honey makes his final preps for his trip over, I sit here obsessing about all the things I want to do before he gets here, should do before he gets here, but can't quite get myself up to do before he gets here. Guess I'll save that for about 2AM tomorrow when I can't sleep because I'm so excited and I'll bust if I don't do something, anything to take my mind off it all. And besides, I'm working. Riiiiight.

How about a few updates...

Let's see...oh, eye is 99% back to normal. Phew. What's the point in having a freshly styled 'do with no grey hair if you've got a red, puffy eye to distract from it all?!? I was trying to convince myself yesterday that it was a sexy one-eyed wink. Riiiiight.

Ooh...Honey Scarf! Six of eight stripe repeats completed as of last night. Two more stripe repeats and an extra bit of white at the end left...some blue fringe and it's done!! I'm sure I'll blow off everything else and work on this exclusively until it's done. don't get obsessive like that? Riiiiiight.

Ummm...what else...still packing up stuff to take to the Annex and for Donation. I'll either go after work today or sometime tomorrow. I think I've given up on the whole car care thing. OK...all the guys out there who read this can pick themselves up off the floor now. It's not a permanent thing...just can't get it done before tomorrow night.

Still need to do laundry...argh. Going to prioritize that as well. Stripping the bed and washing all that first. All the rest, well, who needs clothes anyway...

Oh yes...can't forget the grocery shopping. Guess I'll do that tomorrow after I make the rounds with the Annex and the Donation stuff.

Hopefully all this will keep me busy enough so I don't sit and stare and whine at my closet for umpteen hours tomorrow. Riiiiight.

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  1. Your Honey's coming tomorrow! Tomorrow! You're Honey's coming tomorrow!

    Don't forget to launder what you're gonna wear to the airport too! Unless you're going with the trench coat, then just make sure you shower! ;-)

    Have fun!