Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Woman fondles balls...film at 11?

Ooooooooooh....I've just pulled out Hugo, and have dug out the new bag of yarn out of the closet.

Ladies and Gentlemen...excuse me while I go make balls so I can then fondle and play with them.

After I've gotten my jollies, I'll cast on for the Honey Scarf.

Honey is excited to get it...even though his Mum knits, he's never had a hand-knit scarf. She's made him some wonderful Aran jumpers though. He has promised to pull them out and take photos so I can see them...'cause you know I want to see them NOW and totally cannot wait to see them in person until I go over for a visit. Once I get my mitts on the pix, I will of course, post them so we can all share in the English Aran p0rn...

No pressure...he's just never had a handknit scarf...ever...none at all. Can't tell you how many times I've already swatched for it, torn that apart and swatched again. Hopefully I've gotten that out of my system and can just cast on and rock it.

But first, Hugo and I have some balls to make...and I've got some fondling to do...a knitter's fun with balls is never-ending...


  1. I hope its not an extra fuzzy yarn causing you to shave your balls.

    What? It had to be said. :D

  2. Get your Balls on! Get your Balls on!

    Any issues with the itch so far?