Monday, October 15, 2007

Jury Duty

OK, so have decided I'm going to try and get out of Jury Duty. The courthouse is a good 30 minutes drive and further than the recommended trip length for the car in it's current condition. So, technically, I don't have reliable transportation - which means I'm busing it to the court house if I get called in...according to the Jury Summons, if you don't have a reasonable means of transport and/or it takes more than 90 minutes to get to the court house, you can be excused from duty. Since I don't know if I'll have another car by then, we'll all just say I won't. (Works better for the whole getting out of it scenario you know.)

Thanks to, I now have two print outs saying it takes 83 minutes to get to the court house and 97 minutes back if I take public transit. They requested this as proof of trip as well as print outs of the bus schedules. And since we all know public transit will most likely be late, even a few minutes will get me over the 90 minutes on the way there...and I have more than enough on the way back home. Hope it works. I really don't want to go.

Why not? Don't you want to fulfill your civic duty Donna?

  1. It's voting day, and I forgot to send in my absentee registration again, so I have to go in person and vote. (So lame this one, I'm sure the Court would allow me to do this, no?)
  2. They don't allow knitting needles in the court house. Not only can I not knit while I'm waiting, I can't knit on the bus there since they won't let me bring the needles into the building...even if I promise not to try and take over the world with my size 7 bamboo circulars.
  3. OK...I really really don't want to go. I get summoned all the time, it's someone else's turn...someone who has a functioning car and doesn't knit. One can only read so much before they get bored out of their minds.

'Cause you know all us knitters are dangerous when we've got needles in our could take someone's eye out with those!

And now if you'll excuse me, resident artiste Spencer should be biking in any minute from the train station...hope it's soon! There are some nasty looking rainclouds out there! We're going to walk across the street for a nice Italian dinner at my new favorite restaurant - Evana's Italian Kitchen. We haven't done anything special together in a long time, so why not.

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