Thursday, November 29, 2007

Keeping pace...

Really enjoying the treadmill experience these past two days. Going to stick with it for about a week or so longer before I start switching off to other machines. My body is definitely adjusting to this whole alien exercising thing. There are some aches and soreness and all, but it's all ok...the knee is doing well.

And yes's in my jeans...and so is about 14 years of pie, bread and butter, and other yummy things. hee hee...

Lots of knitting and drawing and sneezing (yep still have the cold) and tea drinking going on in the chaos lately. Finishing up projects left and right...really needing to post this stuff up on Ravelry...cos there won't be like posting up on here cos they're all like gifts...and recipients aren't like up on Ravelry...hee hee... forgot to mention...I've learned how to cable without a cable needle. It's like the coolest thing ever...seriously...kept reading knit blogs about how people are cabling without an extra needle...and decided to check it out...for me cabling is cumbersome...can't handle the extra needle very gracefully and needles slipping out of stitches and all that and of course my almost finished project is just covered in cables...don't have to worry about that anymore... Try it, you'll like it...just Google 'cable knitting without a cable needle'...lots of tutorials and even some YouTube videos will come up...practice and enjoy your new-found liberation.

Now...what else knitty can I learn today?!?

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