Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lookie what I did!

OOOh...she lives! Yes, I've been uber lazy about the blog lately. Lots of things piling up to post about...and a few finished objects as well. We won't even go into how much I've been ignoring Ravelry...


Last month, I participated in Claudia's Stricken Sie Deutsch swatch contest thing. And I have yet to post about it.

Well, now I am. First off, for the entire month of October, Claudia put up a German Knitting Word every day. At the beginning of November, she put up a pattern for a swatch. Anyone who wanted, could knit up the swatch, post a picture of it somewhere on the internets and comment on Claudia's blog.

I can't tell you how much fun I had doing German is very rusty, so having her 'dictionary' of words was very helpful. One night last week, think it was Thursday, I finally sat myself down and knitted it up. After a few bad starts - somehow last week, I lost all abilities to count - I did it!

Hmmmmm....vat have ve hier....vas ist das? Wolle? Mmmmm....yum... ist eine deutsche Maschenprobe (a German Swatch)...ya ya...(can I eat it now? huh can I? Can I?)

Die deutsche inspection...pre snackage...

She actually didn't eat it, but did lick it a few times.

Materials used: frogged swatch from the Honey Scarf, size 8 bamboo circular needle from WalMart.


  1. Pretty swatch - CONGRATS!!! Luckily you don't have to say "The cat ate my homework." :-)))

  2. Ohh! that is pretty! I looked at the pattern and all the German made me run away. RUN AWAY!

    BTW - I tried to pick up the needles this weekend. I've gone and forgotten everything!