Friday, January 11, 2008

A day late and a gift short...

And for something I didn't get a chance to do yesterday...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG SIS!!!! Hope you had a good day yesterday!!!

Here's a hint to your gift...yes I'm knitting it...and yes, it's taking me a while...and yes, it's two shades of blue...oh, but this is the back of it. I've been working on it for almost a month now, but the color work is slowing me down. I've never done color work, so it's a learning process. I am getting better at and am beginning to cruise, so you should see this before I leave to see The Honey.

And now for something that has always bugged me about my Sis...she is older than I am (for the interest of family togetherness we shall not mention by how much or in fact any numbers whatsoever) but she has very few of these...

...grey hairs... You can count the number of grey hairs on her head on one hand. Really really ticks me off. I, on the other hand, am not so genetically blessed...neither is Mom... Dad was...didn't show too much grey for the longest time. Lucky.

Mom however, has not been grey for a long time (wink wink), and I'm usually not either (more wink wink). But, I got tired of doing it myself, then figured I would treat myself to a salon cut/color before I went to see The Honey, then life happened.

The Money Pit, aka Spencer's school, has come up with yet another scheme to relieve me of my hard earned ca$h. So...I am back to coloring my own hair and will visit Chris (the god of scissors) for only a cut in a few weeks. Sigh.

In the meantime, I look in the mirror every morning...counting down the days to when I can color it again and it'll stay colored all through my trip...and curse my grey hair genes...and my sister for not having them!

Take a good look'll most likely not ever see this much grey on my head again!!


  1. My little sister is like yours. barely any grey to see at her ripe her old age of 30. Now me on the other hand, I've been covering greys since I was 26.

    It really isn't fair.

  2. Day Late1:43 PM PDT

    Even if a gift is a day late, it's still worth giving? I think so.... With the amount of procastinators out here, Like me, trying to buy a gift for everyone is tedious. What should I get grandma? my Neice, my Nephew? Brothers, Sisters, Aunt, Uncle...everyone in my family. Not to mention friends. If there was a way to just be like BAM here's a gift. My life would be so much easier lol. Everything I do I am always a Day Late, or I'm just plain lazy ;).

    If there is any cool last minute gift ideas out there, give me your thoughts. The quicker i can buy and then gift, the better.