Saturday, May 24, 2008

Disappointment Major

Spent all day with the boys at the Con. They had fun despite the fact that the Tournament Moderator never showed up and they had to pick someone out of the group that signed up and then go for it on their own. There were about 20 or so players...Spencer and his friend C definitely being the youngest. Most were mid-20's and up. They played from noon until 7pm.

What was so dissappointing then? The vendor area. Dudes...very few vendors carried models for the game the boys were playing (Warmachine). And the WORST. PART. OF. ALL. The dice people had NO. MINI. DICE.

I was uber bummed. That was going to be the highlight of my Kublacon visit! Sigh.

Once again, I took too much. But that's OK. I carried it all in my rolling cart thing.

We go back tomorrow and I'm definitely paring down what I'm taking. Only one knitting project, one book, no mags or puzzle books, my music, and that's about it. We shouldn't be there as long as we were today. At least I hope not!

Still working on my sister's gift. Even though I knit on it almost all day, I'm still lacking a few more smaller pieces. Too busy people watching!!! hee hee.

Stephiface: No mini dice this year...GAH!

AmpuT: I checked on Ravelry, the Bay Area Knitter's group (I think that's the right one) were meeting up at Bay Con...also taking place this weekend. I'm sure if there were any knitters where I was today, they would have said something. I kept getting up and moving about, so just about everyone at the Con saw me. I go...have to weed out the supplies for tomorrow and get a smaller bag. Not taking the rolling cart. It was handy to have, but a pain to trail round with me. Oh well...lesson learned.


  1. Anonymous6:52 AM PDT

    Damn! No Mini Dice.

    Oh well, at least you got some knitting done. :D

  2. And they call themselves Dice People...