Sunday, May 04, 2008

Yes...I know...I know...

I still haven't posted...anything interesting...nothing but excuses. Pah.

I'm feeling overwhelmed again. Lots of things to do, I'm always busy, but nothing seems to get done. Things fall to the chores, blogging, and chores and sleep.

A few things have me down in the mouth lately...chores piling up, sleepless nights, price of airline tickets, Spencer going to DC for a week with his class (leaving on Mother's Day no less), and a shitload of other personal stuff.

I'll snap out of it completely in a bit...I'm already on my way up. I've spent a weekend of doing nothing but being creative, chatting with my Honey and spending time with my BFF and partner in crime, Antonella.

Now to get back on the chore wagon...things are more chaotic around here than ever. Spencer has an art project due on Thursday and I've been 'creating'. Both of us have made quite the mess. His is bigger than mine though. Laundry is piled high, dirty dishes are begging to be washed...and the place really needs a good dust and vacuum.

Oh, and I've been 'organizing'. Actually, it's the first step...pulling it all out and seeing what you've got...I'm working on my "office" and our school/office supplies. Gawd, what a freakin' chaotic mess and a half. Add all that to what's already laying about and well, it's a ginormously chaotic mess and a half. GAH!

Maybe it would help if I made a list or schedule or something to follow while I do this instead of haphazardly attacking whatever I feel like and whenever the spirit moves me (um...with a name like Chaos, you know it seldom moves me). One thing at a time I've always heard and read.

hahahahaha...that's a good one Donna....

I sure do crack myself up...


  1. Lists make me happy. I like to have something concrete to ignore.

  2. I have some extra hands now...they work cheap. HAHAHAHAHA