Thursday, June 05, 2008

Post #366

Hey, I've been blogging for a year!

In reality, it'll actually be two years come August. Boy, I really have been slacking.

So here I am again...days and days after the last post, to tell you...

...I won't be posting much again.

I've tried, really I have, but after sitting all day at the computer, the last thing I want to do is sit all night at it. Sigh.

Just a few quick updates before I go off the radar again.

Knitting is kinda sorta happening. I'm not sure if I'll actually finish my sister's b-day gift before I see her on Sunday night. Oh and I'm working on one for Mom too - her b-day? Yesterday.

Yeah, I'm doing really good here with the whole deadline thing. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what else...

Ooooh...more ideas popping into my head for projects, lots of reading getting done, watched the entire Series 3 of the new Dr Who. David Tennant = Scottish Hottie! Dayum!!!

Organizing, cleaning, laundry...omg the laundry...

Yes, you read it right - O_R_G_A_N_I_Z_I_N_G. Miracles still happen.

Costume made for Spencer's latest attended - twice.

Poetry/Art/Music night prep - that's tomorrow.

let's see, DC done, Kublacon done..what else?

Of course, the ever popular work. Speaking of which, have to get back to it...

Off I go...but before I do, can you say SQUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Honey arrives Saturday night. Mom and Sis arrive Sunday night. Much visiting and meeting and running about ensues, graduation happens Wednesday night. Sigh. A very very very very busy week coming up and I am so excited to see everyone I can't stand it. And they'll all freak when they see Spencer.

Mom and Sis head back home Thursday, Spencer, Honey, and I spend some quality time together, and then Spencer heads over to his Dad's so Honey and I can get some time together before he heads back on Father's Day.

Yeah, it's gonna be busy.

Some day, when the planets align just right, and I can get my crap together, I'll post about stuff, and put up some photos, have a contest for my 2yr anniversary (maybe) and spew philosophical goodness. Well, maybe not that, but there will be pictures of balls. And lots of 'em too! What more can you ask for? Oh, and cranes. Pictures of cranes too, after all, I promised AntiM. Like months ago! OH! and castles, cos I did promise castles to Antonella too (I did send her one from England, but I'm going to put more up here too, so don't judge me too harshly.)


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM PDT

    I think you may have forgotten about a promise concerning kilts too *ahem* ;D

  2. Eagerly awaiting cranes.

    Now even more eagerly awaiting kilts...

  3. sorry I haven't been by in awhile. Happy graduation to Spencer!! Crazy! Hope you are having or had a wonderful time with your man :)