Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a week...

Don't know how to even start.

Oh, it was the left front tire on my car that was taken, not the right.

Spent the whole week getting things set up to donate the car...first I had to put the spare on, but not until I got more nuts to secure it - cos of course the bastards took those. Sigh. I've got all the paperwork and signatures I need, just need to fill it all out and make one last call to the towing company working with my charity to come pick it up.

Sigh, I'm really going to miss that car. Shoulda, coulda, woulda done something sooner, but I guess I just couldn't let go. More on the whole car situation later.

Took care of some other business and work's been a challenge. Last week was definitely a drain, but I survived. I went to sleep late Friday night and didn't wake up until 10am on Saturday. Definitely needed that!

And now for a crafty report. Need to restart my Mom's socks, and finish up my Sis's present and then I think I'm going to set down the knitting for a bit. It's flippin' hot out and I just can't knit when it's so hot - not even if the A/C is on. So this summer is the Summer of Sewing and Tatting.

I'm about to embark on a family oriented project. I'm going to make memory quilts out of Spencer's baby clothes. Yes, I know the kid is almost 14 and I still have some of his baby stuff. I'm a packrat - and an overly sentimental one at that - what can I say? It's mostly some really cute outfits that my family bought him and that my Mom made for him. There's quite a bit, so I should be able to make some lap quilts (hopefully bigger) for me, my Mom and my Sis. For Spencer, I'm going to use some of his baby clothes, but mostly some of his old t-shirts. It'll take all summer if not more for me to work on this, so knitting will take a second seat once my latest projects are done. I'm thinking of Cathedral Window quilts, but I'm still in the planning stages.

Oh, and as for the tatting... In between working on the quilts, I will be learning how to use the mother-of-pearl tatting shuttle (thanks YouTube!) that I found at a thrift store.

A whole summer of crafting - just with different needles...and both the quilting and the tatting will be portable projects (the quilts up to a point). Good for traveling.


  1. I can't wait to see the tatting!

  2., in person! (we really need to get together--let's chat)