Friday, July 11, 2008

It's All about the Cows today...

Today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-a... It's a Special Day around here since the Cow in Ms Cow and Cow is from Chick-Fil-a.

Cow came to be with the Honey when the Honey was in the US on business one year (way back when Chick-fil-a first started the whole Cow campaign). Seems a ballpark was tossing cows (don't they know you're supposed to tip them?!?) into the stands and Honey caught Cow.

Honey met me, we found out we both have Cows (only my cow is a delicate crafting flower from JoAnn's Fabrics) and when Honey came to visit, so did Cow and well, the rest is history.

Here is the Happy Couple during their June visit:

When they are not visiting each other, they are plotting ways to get together. Ms Cow has decided to learn how to drive. Here she is checking the systems on the Hybrid Prius we had use of one day:

And getting ready to go...all buckled up:

Visiting the DMV with me last week...I had to renew my license...she wants to get one:

Studying the Rules of the Road book they gave her.

Seems she can qualify for a very special, super secret, driver's assistant license, so she's preparing.

Meanwhile across the Big Pond, Cow is learning how to navigate and tie knots. Seems his big plan is to sail the Atlantic. He'll pull into an Eastern port somewhere and Ms Cow will have driven cross-country to meet him.

Here, Cow practices with Honey's GPS in the car.

And here, he's being fitted for some water proofs for his long trip over the water. They still need some work, but Ms Cow thinks he'll be just so handsome when they are done. Oh, and he needs a spiffy Captain's cap as well.

And now for some photos of them during their visit...lots of sightseeing was done...

In Chinatown

And on the USS Hornet Carrier Museum...

In the pilot's briefing room

In the Captain's Chair!

And sneaking behind the barrier in the Apollo 11 Astronaut's Quarantine Trailer...

...and after it was all done...relaxing at a restaurant

And now for some crafting, this is after all a knit blog...heh heh heh...

She's making a bag for herself...

A knit bag!!!

And now, may I present "Proof Of Tatting"

It's coming along quite nicely, thank you very much.


  1. Oh, you are udderly crazy!

    har, har.

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM PDT

    Cows.... so cute Makes me long for somethng like that for the Mister and I.... all we ever had was a debate over if "irregardless" is a real word..... (Its not I say!)