Friday, October 17, 2008

Oooh! Oooh! OOoh!!!!!

Finished the knitting bit of the Suede Knitting Bag.

The Firemen fabric arrived yesterday...hubba...hubba...

Survived another round of eye doc tests and new cool glasses should be ready next week.

Bought "The Bike" last night.

Would love to show you all everything, but I'm too busy riding round on it. Or thinking of where I want to ride round on it.

Hee hee...

Will take photos of it all this weekend and catch you all up on stuff on Sunday, I hope.

Ooh, and I've decided to turn the Suede knitting handbag into a Suede knitting messenger bag...of sorts. Kinda. We'll see how that works out. Whatever I decide, I've definitely got enough suede yarn left to make both versions if I want - and then some. Only used just over two balls for the knitted part of the bag! That's almost 9 balls left. Sigh.

Tomorrow morning, Spencer and I are off biking to our favorite coffee shop...Peet's. It's just way too far to walk to it, but now that we've got the'll be a nice outing for coffee/hot cocoa and scones.

In the afternoon, we are biking over to Kohl's - BIG SALE AT KOHL'S. Spencer needs some jeans and I need some clothes for biking round town. Ooooh!! And we'll hit Rubio's for either lunch or dinner - depending on where we go.

Somehow I think my wallet is going to start taking hits again now that I'm more mobile. At least I'll be in shape while I'm complaining about being broke. hee hee hee

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