Monday, December 15, 2008


Not really, but I'm am about to start the last minute running about, cleaning, laundry, and general panic that comes before someone visits. Especially before Honey visits. He arrives TOMORROW NIGHT!

Gulp. So much to do still.

Still working on Pay It Forward Gifts. Yes they are late. But they are done, all I have to do is some finishing and I can send them off.

Finally back to knitting on SPencer's argyle double-knit scarf. God, I love this project! Definitely going to have to do some more - probably not projects as big as a scarf, but I just gotta do more! Four pattern repeats done, about 12 more to go...sigh.

Rode the bike a few times, then the rain started. I'm going to still ride in the cold tho. I'm still deciding on the rain. Oh, speaking of keeping warm on the bike, I found a club on Ravelry for bike riders. Lots of helpful advice and awesome ideas and patterns I'm definitely going to try.

It's been hard getting myself to do anything, but I think I'm getting back into stride.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some online donations to get to...


  1. Hurray for Honey's visit!

    You know, I never thought of a scarf as a big project until I started doing more complicated patterns. Oy! An adult scarf can take a long time. I guess I got spoiled doing big needle super chunky scarves.

    I'll have to look up that Ravelry group. I'm trying to knit up some things for family members who live in cold cold areas.

  2. That reminds me, were you riding through Heather Farms last Thursday at around 5:30? And do you have your hair long these days? I was getting there for my yoga class and someone sped by that I thought MIGHT be you. :)

    My step mom lives in Portland, and she says if you don't ride in the rain, you won't ride at all. But drivers in Portland know how to deal with rain, so be careful if you decide to ride in the rain!

    Regarding the knitting, I have no patience for that. I'll leave it for you and Cherry. ;)