Monday, December 08, 2008

A wonderfully pleasant surprise...

You know, I really thought this weekend was going to suck.

There was lots of stuff planned...most of it planned not by in if I had a choice, I wouldn't have done it.

All potentially wearing me out (more like burning me out) before MY only choice for the weekend happened.

SURPRISE!!! I enjoyed everything. And I even got in an unplanned shopping event!!!

I'm a bit worn out now...but I sure had a wonderful weekend.

And, good heavens, I really needed it.

Weekend started Friday night with me totally cranking that the weekend was going to suck. I don't normally do stuff like that because, well, attitude is everything, right?

Saturday, up bright and early after sleeping like crap. Kitty makes noise, I yell at Kitty to shut her pie hole, kid takes that as sign Mom is up for the day.'s before 8am on a Saturday for criminy's sake. go away....both of you. Take this as a sign that the weekend is TOTALLY going to SUCK, moan, roll over and try to go back to sleep.

Epic Fail...get up 20 min later.

Once I have breakfast in me, feel much better, chat with Honey online, lunch comes round, time to head out.

Xmas party first, then Soccer game with Spencer.

Take early bus after hearing bestest friend complain about her bus never showing never. showed. up. She waited over an hour until one finally came.

Thinking is totally going to SUCK.

Early bus on time, BART train on time, get to designated ride meetup time early. Emerge from Downtown Oakland BART station to the music of several marching bands.


hahahahahahahahahaha....Oakland's Holiday Parade!!!! hahahahahahahahaha

Quickly dial ride and say we have to meet on other non-blocked- off street around here, where you at? Craziness ensues, we meet ride, all is well. Much laughter follows.

Xmas party is a lot better than I thought - I knew more people this year, have good time chatting...and I even had a beer.

Head off to soccer wears off as we wait, and wait and wait for game to start.

Game starts, boys win 6-4. Happy kids, happy parents. Have accepted that we've missed last bus home from BART station...head off home.

Is cold out, but we only have to walk a short way to taxi stand, get lucky and get a nice driver. (Some of the drivers there can be c-r-e-e-p-y or just plain standoffish)

Get home snack, change, relax, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Up and at 'em early next morning...7am on Sunday people... It's time for SF Sock Club. YAY! And Spencer is coming with...hee hee.

We both really had second thoughts about going...we had to get up early after all, but we go anyway. Both of us have a total blast. AmpuT brought her son, another knitter brought her boyfriend, so the 3 "non-knitters" bonded over hot cocoa, pastries and video game discussion. (please note, that the boyfriend does indeed knit - just not yesterday - and had his eye on my Precious the whole time and is planning on making one - and you know I had my eye on him and the Precious!)

Spencer discovers Bike Shop across the street from the cafe, the boys head over to check it out.

Sock Club ends, we make a yarn run to ImagiKnit and head out home. Thanks for the ride home AmpuT and MyFK!!!! So glad to finally get the boys together...even if it was at a knitting club! How funny, cool, awesome, weird is that!!!

Both of us in an awesome mood...get home, Spence heads for the Xbox...he has a standing play time with a friend of ours from England. Some LIVE action shoot 'em up playtime. I chat with honey, Spencer gets his butt kicked and does some butt kicking as well.

Lunch is had, plans are made to meet Antonella for the afternoon.

Shopping ensues, awesome food eaten, Spencer gets some free goodies from the waitress, we walk to BART station and then taxi home.

Low and's the same driver from Saturday night! And he remembered us!!!

Hey you two!!! Same place as last night?

Yes please!


Back home now, tea is made, layers put on, homework completed, Tornado shows watched (hey AmpuT, we watched those same shows!!!), not much knitting went on, but it was good to relax on the couch all snuggled up with the kid and the cat and a cup of tea and a big, warm, handknitted blankie.

Satisfied sigh emitted.

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