Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to MEeeeeee - Now with edited updates!!!

Yes, today is my b-day. If you are keeping track, I'm 46 today. On the other side of "mid-40's" getting close to 50. Sigh.

Yeah, I have mixed feelings about today. Add to that the fact that the high temp will most likely be 100F and well, whatever. Birthday ennui.

ETA: Not sure if it got that hot, but for a while there this afternoon, it was pretty damn close while we walked about. Gah.

There are plans for the day...once they are started, I should feel better about things.

An online chat with Honey.

ETA: I misses you lots.

Lunch with Spencer at our favorite deli. Then on the bus and off to the movies for the matinee showing of the new Harry Potter movie. YAY!!!!

Either before or after the movie, it's a quick trip to the bead store to get some stuff for Friday's class. I don't think that the stuff I ordered online is going to make it in time. It took forever for my payment to clear the bank, so shipment was delayed. Stupid banking system! I only need a few curved tube beads and 30 inches of flexible wire. sigh.

ETA: My stuff showed up today! What a wonderful b-day surprise. The postman was delivering to the boxes as we were leaving and we just about tackled him looking for stuff (we're waiting for a few other things as well). Got my jewelry bits order and a few b-day cards!

There are's the one Honey sent me...hee hee hee

ETA: Selected by Cow - who thought I should get a cow card, but all he could find was sheep.

And gifts....when we renewed our cell phone family plan, we upgraded and Mom was kind enough to pony up the extra cash to get me this cool whiz bang phone. I've had it since May-ish and I absolutely love it! Thanks Mom!!!!

Others have been teasing me with "you have to wait til dinner to get your presents" (you evil person, you know who you are) and Spencer is on his way soon and says he has a card and gift for me. Going to open that one right away!

ETA: Evil person finally gave up the goods - some makeup goodies, a gift card, and a cute little polka dot bag which is already packed full of jewelry class supplies - you all know how I love my bags!!! Spencer gave me a gift certificate to the local art supply store! My friends and family know me way too well! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! THANKS A BUNCH!!!!

Drawing class was fun classmates seem to have calmed down a bit and are now telling each other to shut up. I managed to snag a seat right up front so I could see and hear everything! Found out why after about 5 min into the class. Seems the a/c blows right on that spot and the one next to me - which happened to remain empty for the entire class. Several people sat there and as soon as the a/c came on again they went running for the hills complaining about bad nerves, this, that or the other malady that would act up if the a/c blew on them for 3 hours. Ahhh...peace and quiet!!! Guess that's my territory now! I especially enjoy the a/c blowing on me after a hot ride to class. heh heh heh

Yesterday, we did faces and then concentrated on eyes. That was really cool. Someday I promise to scan in my stuff as I've discovered I really CAN draw. I get that from my Dad. My drawings are not perfect, but that's ok, you can tell what they are supposed to be and my faces actually have features and don't just look like smiley faces. hee hee hee With practice I'll get better and better. I am SO GLAD I took this class!!!!


  1. You really don't look 46 to me D. For realz. It's how you feel inside that counts.

    That's a pretty neat-o phone. You have a nice mommy ;)

    Happy birthday again xoxo

  2. Happy birthday! Anyone with a phone that cool couldn't be a day over 40.


  3. You guys are so sweet!

    Marin, I'm voting for you several times when it comes to your is the least I can do for that comment. ;)