Friday, July 03, 2009


Was feeling quite clever Not so much...

so there will be no clever and entertaining post...

Honestly, I'm tired of hearing about an impending BART strike, and both sides saying basically "it's all *their* fault".

...the State of CA's budget woes and them all pointing fingers saying "it's all *their* fault".


oh and BART and BART unions? I just wanna slap both sides silly. How dare the unions whine about paying more for benefits when I just bet that at least 1/3 of their riders are paying out their asses for the sorry excuses of health benefits they have - not to mention all the riders who have NONE AT ALL cos they CAN'T AFFORD IT cos THEY ARE UNEMPLOYED.

BART management? Stop airing the dirty laundry of your business. Keep it behind closed doors and fucking work it out already!!!!

Oh, and PLEASE NO MORE MICHAEL JACKSON STUFF ALREADY!!! HE'S DEAD, LET HIM REST!!! Do all your fucking investigations and then splatter your shit all over the news. I'm tired of hearing it all RIGHT NOW... BREAKING NEWS!!!



Feel a little bit better now...but not much. When you are not working, you have more time to pay attention to what's going on around you. Quite frankly, it's freakin' depressing.

I'm feeling sorry enough for myself without all this other crap. Can't we all just get along?!?

Now if you'll excuse me, my table for one is ready for my nightly pity party. Time to go whine to myself (i'm the only one who is around to listen) about how annoyed I am at the world, how much I miss my Honey, and how fast California is going to shit.

I really can't wait until Tuesday. First drawing class! I need something "new" and "exciting" to break up my "woe is me" attitude.

Oh, and I've finished MY big, giant, humongous green blankie. When I get around to taking photos, I'll post them here and on Ravelry. Right now, I'm sick and tired of looking at the damn thing.

Time to go have a hot dog and get ready to watch the SF Giants game tonight. I know, you don't usually hear me talking sports...but Antonella and a friend are going to be at the game sitting in primo seats and I'm going to play Spot the Wop - until I get totally bored with watching baseball. This would be a great drinking game if someone else was here with me.


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