Monday, December 28, 2009

Post 562

Well, tomorrow is surgery.

As if things weren't already quiet around here...I'll most likely not post anything for a while. I'm going to take advantage of the recovery time to rest and make Spencer wait on me hand and foot for a few days.

That reminds me, need to go find that old sling from the last wrist surgery. Doc says I'm not getting a big fat wrap or a sling - just some fancy pants waterproof dressing that is flesh colored and no one will even know I had anything done.

Whoa!!!! But I WANT a big fat wrap and a sling!!! How am I supposed to work the sympathy angle if NO ONE will even know I've had anything done. Gah.

Definitely have to find that sling!!!

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  1. Anonymous6:40 PM PST

    Good luck! Best wishes for a smooth surgery and quick recovery.

    And yes, find that sling!