Friday, January 22, 2010

A Happening!

For everyone whose prayed, kept their fingers crossed and sent good mojo vibes for Spencer getting into a school of our choosing...

It's happened!!! He'll be going to a school that was top of our list for transfers. It seems like it's taken forever, but it is finally over.

We're all very excited and happy and very relieved that we are all finally out of limbo with the whole school thing.

Keep your fingers crossed now for a job for me and some other random important things that need to go well.


PS...the wrist continues to is coming along great!!!! YAY!!!!


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM PST

    Hooray! Congratulations.

  2. This is a great happening!

    I was gonna ask you how the home schooling thing was going to work out. I guess now I don't have to ask :-)

  3. If I continued the unemployment gig until May, we would have had it all worked out. If I got a job, we'd be hurting for a few days of the week. It was our very last desparate resort. All the schools stalled their decisions for so long, we had to start sign up procedures for home schooling, or he wouldn't be anywhere. The home schooling thing looked awesome, but he has to have 6hrs per day with adult supervision. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be getting paid for that. And I would have been doing night shift or something if I got a job. It would have been really tough on all of us for this semester. :(

  4. I haven't been paying enough attention, so I didn't know you weren't happy with his current school. Anyway, congratulations on such great news!