Monday, March 01, 2010

Actually got some knitting time in...

Well now that the Olympics are over, I've started up knitting on Spencer's beanie.

I actually picked it up on Saturday. I pulled my back on Friday, so couldn't do much at all. Knitting and reading were about the only things I could manage on Saturday, so there you go.

I knit a good 2 inches or so on it during the afternoon and evening in between getting up and walking and stretching and reading bouts.

Would have much rather been out doing something else. Like going to a good friends' 50th b-day party. Yeah, I missed a big one. Sigh.

Still feeling sore and smelling of Tiger Balm - I'm using the patch version on my back - it's done wonders, but the smell...oi... It wouldn't be too bad, but I'm sensitive nose-allergy-wise to some of the ingredients. Luckily, they are in small quantities and I've been able to deal. Small price to pay for the back to feel better.

Life back to "normal" round here I guess. As normal as it gets here in the Chaos.

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  1. Anonymous9:12 AM PST

    Glad the back is a bit better. Hoe it recovers fast. Hope you are getting a nap now after writing your blog entry so early!