Friday, April 23, 2010

A Good Day

Woke up extremely tired this morning. Promise not to whine about getting old, etc tho.

Weighed myself last night and saw the little red thingy pointing at a smaller number. Hmmmm....weighed myself this morning and saw the little red thingy pointy to an even smaller number.

I knew I had probably lost a few pounds as I have been eating sensibly/healthy and riding my bike almost every day. The biggest clue is how baggy my jeans are...I had to dig out my belt.

It may sound like I've lost a lot, but it's only been a few lbs. I'm happy tho as the baggy pants bit tells the bigger story. Things are shifting, I'm gaining muscle, etc etc. If I could only stop having to bundle up so much, you could actually see my curves trying to reappear.

It's fascinating watching my body react to what I've been doing. It changes almost daily.

And that's a very good thing.

The temptations are extreme tho. Spence made the most awesome lemon bars I've ever tasted last night. He's going to a community service thing today and baked them (from scratch no less) to take along. I'll post a photo and a link to the recipe sometime this weekend.

OMG they were good, but I only had a few little bites. Good thing he took them out of the house!


  1. Congrats...I know that feels good. :) Glad you had SOME of the yummy lemon bars, tho!

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM PDT

    I love changing my lifestyle bit by bit and seeing my body respond, too. You should see my biceps!
    Congratulations on all that health :)