Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sorting thru the Chaos

Today Spence and I used a friend's car to haul a bunch of stuff off to the Thrift Store.

A b.u.n.c.h. of stuff!

We filled up the car...boxes, baskets, little shelves, bags. It felt absolutely wondermos to get rid of it all.

After, we headed off to IKEA to pick up a few things to organize Spencer's closet. We're doing a major rearrange and clear out in his room. We actually just walked out of that place with just a few items - and some hot dogs after at the snack bar. :)

A quick stop at work to pick up some more boxes (for packing up stuff for donation of course) and then it was home.

Last trip of the day was back to my friend's place to drop off the car and here we sit. Tired out, but full on artichoke ravioli.

Tomorrow, we're off on the bikes for a training ride. We're doing this in a few weekends. I've done 5 mile rides and 10 mile rides...I should be able to do this ride. I'll find out soon enough. If I can't make the training rides, I won't push myself to do the full ride. I really want to do it tho and Spence wants to come along too. Maybe even get his riding buddies to come along as well.

It really looks like fun and I hope the weather cooperates. Hope Summer doesn't decide to settle in the valley on that particular weekend. :)


  1. You can do that! Looks like fun. Now, if they would fund your BART ride from one end to the other, that would be even better!

    At least the IHT is flat. I get annoyed by all of the street crossings :-)

  2. I'm definitely going to do it...unless it's hot. Hope the weather cooperates!

  3. Sounds lovely! How many miles is it? Ted was going to do a 100 mile ride once, and the training fell apart when my mom went in the hospital...I am a firm believer in going for whatever you want and setting goals, but also in taking it easy and getting there without injury. :)

  4. I estimate approx 20 miles, but we won't be doing it after all. :(