Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Visits da Mooseum Part IV - Roming rownd da Mooseum

After we came out of da resting room, Donna had decided it was time to goes and sees da rest of da Mooseum. We turnded off da head phony thingy and made our way quickly through da rest of da pretty dresses.

Off to da corner at da end of de dark rooms dere was a wee shop and a study hall for fashion peoples. We couldn't go in da study hall room and we were sad because dat would have made the whole trip and all da rules worth it just to see the bookses in dere!

Instead we went to da wee shop and looked at all da books about da dresses. There was lots of lights and we could see!

Donna bought me a posty card with my favorite Balenciaga fashun sketch.

And a book about fashun for us to shares.

We decided it was time for a break and we'd go find a nice spot to sit and relax. Donna wanted to knit on da secret project and I wanted to read da new book!

D: seems the Museum is conserving energy. How can anyone see the art of it's NOT LIT?

MC: I read somewhere dat lyts can hert art.

D: Well, I can understand that, but good grief! I can't SEE anything.

MC: OOoh...I see lots of lyts. Over dere, walks over dere!

At dis time, we walked into a large room. It had GIANT pikchurs, and da room was lit by skylights in da most buutiful way.

D: OOoh, good call Ms Cow. Look at all the benches. Let's sit for a bit and just relax.

MC: Soundses really good to me.

All this peeses and calm lasted about 2 minutes. It ended as soon as I lookded at da portaits. Da faces were scawy wit BIG EYES dat followed you. We moved to diffewent benches 3 times!

We moved to da next gallery wit pottery. Bowlses and vases shuld be safes, ryt?

No benches.

MC: Ooooh, look at all dose chairses in da nekst room!

D: Those aren't for sitting.

MC: But dey are chairses. Dat's what yuu does with chairs. You sits in dem!

D: Not these, they are an exhibit.

MC: I'm confuused. Dis place doesn't make senses. Can we goes now?

D: I think we should. That puffy chair in the exhibit is looking quite inviting and I'm sure we'll be arrested if we go sit in it...

MC: Don't does dat. Yuu been bad enufs alreddy. sigh.

On the way out Donna handed over da head phony thingy and I noticed a syne by the door dat sed "Tower dat ways".

MC: Whuts a tower?

D: It's a very tall part of a building. Why do ask?

MC: Dat syne sez "Tower Dat Ways"

D: Do you want to see what a tower is?

MC: Yes. It sounds like dere is lots of lyts dere.

D: Indeed. Which way? Oh yes, off we go.

We rode in an elebator for a long time. When we got out we saw pretty tings...

And fars away tings...

When Donna tookded dis pikchur she sorta freekded out..

MC: Whuts rong nauw?

D: Crap. Do you see all those skinny yellow things in a row?

MC: Yes.

D: They are filled with children coming to see the musuems.

MC: Dis Mooseum?

D: Maybe this one, maybe the one across the road. Either way, it's a good time to leave the area.

MC: ok, I is hungwe agen and yuu ate all da waisins.

D: Did not.

MC: Did too.

D: OK. OK. Let's go before we get shushed.

At da base of da tower was a very cool hanging wire sculpchur thingy. Donna took a pikchur. And da flash wents off even doe she sed for it nots to go flashee flashees.

SC: No flash photography ma'am.

MC: SCREEEEAAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!! Dere was nowun dere 2 sekunds ago!

D: Ms Cow! My ear!!!!


D: Yes, I know. Let's just leave. It's for the best.

MC: Sorry but she scareded me! Popded up out of noweres and scareded me! ACK!

Here's the illegal pikchur. At leest da scawy ladee didn't makes us deletes it...

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