Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Ottoman Empire Strikes....

...A Pose!

I went to visit my Generous Friend last weekend.  Ms. Cow waved hello to a GIANT cargo ship on the ferry over.  We found an awesome vintage clothing shop, and quite a few others.  A good time was had by all.

A few cool things came home with us.

Two, yes TWO storage cube ottoman's!  A purpley one and a burgundy one.

The purple one is full of my movies (Viggo I, II, or III anyone?)  The burgundy one is full of yarny goodness.  Lots of yarny goodness.

The burgundy cubey seems to like posing.  Here it is with the last project off the Chaos needles.  Said project is currently blocking with a zillion and one pins.

And here it is posing with the yarn for the next 3 projects.  The big cake ball of yarny goodness in the back is currently being knitted up into a shawl.  The two darker cakes are destined to be socks.  The two lighter colored ones in the front will be another shawl.

When it's not posing, burgundy cubey is supporting my tired hand-knit covered tootsies.

The Chaos is happy to welcome the two cubeys into the mix.  Chair is happy for the company.

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