Monday, January 14, 2013

A Chaos Holiday Visit in Pictures

Back now from the Holidays and a wonderful visit from my two men, Honey and Spencer.

Everybody on their laptops time.

Decorating the Chaos

Finishing of the Chili Peppers socks.  Can't believe I didn't take a photo of them.  I'll have to get one from Antonella.  D'oh.

The annual making (and eating) of the most awesomest stuffing  along with Honey-made mashed taters. And turkey.

Christmas Brunch at Black Bear Diner

Cow Spa Time

A trip in a ferry to see friends.

A BART ride to San Francisco for some New Year's Eve shopping. 

An awesome Honey-Do project. An up-cycled  bike rack.

A Honey Birthday lunch at Cheesecake Factory followed by The Hobbit.

Finished Honey-Do project, unpainted - it currently has one coat of paint and our bikes fit perfectly.

Socks for Honey

The socks started out as a Honey Christmas gift...

That didn't happen, so switched them to maybe a Honey Birthday Gift.  Again, didn't happen.

At the rate these are going, they might make it as a Honey Wedding Gift - because Honey asked the question on January 4th, and I said "YES".

The future Mr and Mrs Honey


  1. CHILLS! I have CHILLS!

    Congtatulations Donna! I want to jump up and down and squeeeeee for you (but there is a cat on me and well it's 5am and both kids are currently asleep).

    Very very excited for you.

    (Of course now I'm curious where you will live)

  2. Congratulations, Donna, this is wonderful news. :) And I'm with Honey moving here, or are you moving to the U.K.?