Friday, January 31, 2014

The Beginnings of a Really Good Panic...

Latest update:
Honey received his Visa on Wednesday via the special courier he had to sign up for...sticky thing in his passport and an envelope marked DO NOT OPEN which contains all the paperwork he has to turn in when he lands on US soil...which is March 5th!!!!

Our wedding is set for one month after that...

Just call it perfect timing:

I went this past weekend to visit our #1 choice of wedding venue.  We were hoping that we would know whether Honey was approved or not by then - and we did!  Antonella and I met up in San Francisco for lunch then toured the venue.  I took photos, we got specifics and asked questions.  I sent the photos to Honey that night and we discussed  everything on Sunday - by Tuesday we had it booked.

That takes care of the ceremony/reception.

We have been busy:

Honey is now at his parents packing up and getting ready to come over.  Tying up lose ends and getting everything necessary that needs doing for such a big move.

Airline tickets and hotels are being worked out for the family traveling into town for the Big Day.

We're trying to get our heads round everything else that needs to be done.  Choose invites, cake (and topper), flowers, etc etc.  Hoping we don't miss anything in the process.

It is not easy planning a wedding when the bride and groom are thousands of miles apart.  Thanks to technology though we are getting it done.  And thank Heaven for all-inclusive venues too - that alleviates a lot of stress.  Not going to say anything just yet about what we are doing.  You'll just have to wait.

Bridal Preparations

The push is on now to get hair and makeup good enough for such an important event.  

I'm still not comfortable with putting on and wearing makeup.  I must be honest though and confess I haven't been doing as much practicing as I should.  That is about to change though as the clock is ticking!  Makeup is not supposed to make you look older - not unless that is the specific look you are going for...  Last time I checked, no one really puts on makeup to look older for their wedding.  It has been very discouraging to say the least.  I keep trying though and switching out this for that to see if it works better.

I have spent the last few weeks on youtube looking at hair styling videos and videos about hair accessories and veils.

I have decided on a 'do for the wedding and have ditched any notions of having a birdcage veil and/or fascinator.  I don't do well with hats/head coverings of any sort and I honestly look a bit ridiculous with something sticking out the side of my head - and the veil is just...awkward.

With the new 'do though, I will have a nice hair accessory of some sort clipped on the back of my head.  I can handle that - yes indeedy.  What I need is confidence and comfort.  I get that with the hairdo I picked and the small but fabulous clip I will wear.

Now I just need to find that magical clip.  Or make it.  Lord knows I have enough supplies to open up my own bridal hair accessory shop.

Hmmmmm....there's a thought!

OK, back to reality.  I went to Michael's and stocked up on ribbon because I thought I would be making ribbon flowers to go in my hair.  Watched a shitload of youtube how-to videos about making said flowers.  Have now decided I don't want anything so 3-D on my head.  With the 'do I've chosen, the hair is the star - and one thing I do have is some good hair.  The search is on for the receipt as there are a few roles of ribbon that need to be returned.

Once the floral something was nixed, I decided to go with a nice flat clip similar in size to the one that was in the hair styling video.  I have searched high and low online and have not found anything that jumps out and says "BUY ME".  They are either too big or too small or on a comb or waaaaaay too expensive.  Looks like I'm making my magical clip. And so began the Great youtube search for videos about clips.  Got sucked into beading videos from there and well...  Goodness knows what I'll come up with but I'm going for understated but classy with a bit of sparkle.  It will not be a comb though.  Most everything on youtube shows accessories that have combs.  My hair is so thick it basically chews them up and spits them out.  It is OK with having clips in it though so now I have to devise something fabulous that can be put on a clip.  I think I have enough ideas, beads and wire to get this done.  If none of that works, a few crystals wired to bobby pins strategically placed in the 'do will work quite nicely.

It's always nice to have a backup plan.

In Conclusion:
From here on out I bore you with wedding stuff and blabber about how I'm trying to get myself together so I look like a bride instead of someone who hardly ever wears a dress, or does her hair up fancy or wears makeup.


  1. Your plans sound lovely! Don't worry, you will forget SOMETHING, and SOMETHING will go wrong, and yet, you will have a marvelous day and tons of fun. And the marriage is, of course, more important than the wedding.

    Our missteps were pictures where we missed some family (ouch), flowers that were the wrong color, an ugly and dry cake, and we forgot the cake server, so we had to use an ugly one that the venue had. And yet, 20 years later, while I still remember those things, I also remember that we had a lot of fun, danced ourselves silly, and had a wonderful wedding with so many important friends and family there. I wish you the same, minus a few mistakes.

  2. Anonymous4:07 PM PST

    When I married my Mister I was 6 months pregnant and had a 2 year old. We were Not doing well in the money department at that time, so a justice of the peace wedding was all that we could afford. So I called the JOP and she only did weddings on Thursdays- so I scheduled it for a random Thursday that was close enough that I wouldn't be birthing a baby right there but far way enough that I could make sure that I had the $80 for (the license was more expensive)- so June 24th it was. So come wedding day we awoke, Mister went to work and planned to leave early with punishment for doing so because they refused to give him the day off, the thrift store dress I had purchased for a cool $2 stretched so far over my preggly bosom that I had to run to the thrift store and buy a $2 sweater to go with and cover my exposed bra. We met at the JOP's office, making sure to have money for the meter or else we'd get ticketed. We waited for the completion of the precedings of the young man scheduled before us, a few measly gun charges and a few meaningless assault charges. We sidled up to the bullet proof glass surrounded by wanted posters and told the judge through the little talky hole that we intended to be wed forever, here's our $80, please forgive our 2 year old crashing his yellow punch buggy toy into your plants. She pronounced us wed and we celebrated at Olive Garden.... and 13 years later I wouldn't change a single thing.

    Good luck!! Its coming up here soon! Your Honey arrives on my birthday and I'll make sure to send a little of my birthday luck your way :D