Friday, August 11, 2006

Future projects

Unlike most knitters whose blogs I usually read (Someday I'll get a list up here somewhere), I don't do well with the multiple projects at once thing. I used to, but over the last few months, I hven't been able to handle it. The only knitting multi-tasking I can manage is small projects every now and then when I'm working on a big one.

That said, I have a few UFOs still waiting to be finished up. How many, I'm not sure as I haven't found any yet - they seem to be scattered about the apartment in hiding. All I know is that they exist. I will find them, I will finish them. They can't hide from me forever! Until I do find them, I'll stick with making my scarves every so often and now - the baby gifts - to keep my sanity.

I am getting closer to figuring out what to make for my pro-creating co-workers. I ordered the Baby Surprise pattern from Schoolhouse Press yesterday - along with a few other patterns that I just couldn't resist. If, after I read through it, it seems doable enough, that is what I will make for them. Along with a pair of booties and a little hat for each. Hats and booties I know I can do. It's the sweater that worries me. But, I will try to reserve judgement and not panic until I actually take a look at the pattern. I will do this - or it's blanket hell. Ack!

Can't wait to go shopping for yarn for it all. Artfibers Yarn, I'll be stopping by really soon to pet, I mean buy some yarn.

As I was working on the RYS (recycled yarn shawl) this morning - I did 3 rows this morning on the way in to work - I was thinking about all the yarn I have just waiting around for me to do something with it. There is quite a bit. I have some more Artfibers Yarn "Nanook", some fuzzy yarn that I got from Target last year, a shitload of silk yarn that I got from frogging a lot of $2 thrift store sweaters, some yarn my sister bought for me a while back to make myself a sweater, some yarn I bought in Spain about 21 yrs ago, some yarn my sister bought 25 yrs ago for me to make her 2's pathetic. Do I win some kind of award for having the oldest stash? In my defense of having such old stash, it was pretty much 'lost' for quite a while in boxes in storage. It traveled about from place to place never knowing when it would be used. I did finally use some of my sister's sweater yarn to make her a rectangular shawl for last Xmas. She loved it and didn't even remember about the yarn until I told her she bought it way back when. We both had a good laugh. I still have the 2nd sweater yarn left and have absolutely no clue what I'll make with that. She has been wanting a kimono sweater though, and I think there's a pattern on for one....

Oh well, I've babbled enough for one day. Bottom line, lots of yarn to use, no clue what to do with it yet. It fills an entire dresser and then stash overfloweth...

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