Saturday, May 24, 2008

Disappointment Major

Spent all day with the boys at the Con. They had fun despite the fact that the Tournament Moderator never showed up and they had to pick someone out of the group that signed up and then go for it on their own. There were about 20 or so players...Spencer and his friend C definitely being the youngest. Most were mid-20's and up. They played from noon until 7pm.

What was so dissappointing then? The vendor area. Dudes...very few vendors carried models for the game the boys were playing (Warmachine). And the WORST. PART. OF. ALL. The dice people had NO. MINI. DICE.

I was uber bummed. That was going to be the highlight of my Kublacon visit! Sigh.

Once again, I took too much. But that's OK. I carried it all in my rolling cart thing.

We go back tomorrow and I'm definitely paring down what I'm taking. Only one knitting project, one book, no mags or puzzle books, my music, and that's about it. We shouldn't be there as long as we were today. At least I hope not!

Still working on my sister's gift. Even though I knit on it almost all day, I'm still lacking a few more smaller pieces. Too busy people watching!!! hee hee.

Stephiface: No mini dice this year...GAH!

AmpuT: I checked on Ravelry, the Bay Area Knitter's group (I think that's the right one) were meeting up at Bay Con...also taking place this weekend. I'm sure if there were any knitters where I was today, they would have said something. I kept getting up and moving about, so just about everyone at the Con saw me. I go...have to weed out the supplies for tomorrow and get a smaller bag. Not taking the rolling cart. It was handy to have, but a pain to trail round with me. Oh well...lesson learned.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Time for the KublaCon*...

Spencer's friend is here now...they are 'practicing' their strategies for *tomorrow and most likely the rest of the weekend.

How does one prepare for sitting at the Con for the whole day or so?!? Very carefully.

This is the 3rd year that we're going. Why do I have to go? The boys are underage, so an adult "chaperone" must accompany them for the entire time they are there.

Crazy says you?

Wonderful says I!

I get to sit around doing 'nothing' all day. No work phone calls, no chores, no distractions. We are set to leave at 8am and if the boys do well in their tournament (it starts at noon), we might be there until 8pm. Hmmmm....

Almost time to go collect the last bit of laundry. Then I pack for tomorrow.

In my bag/cart, there will be knitting, reading, possible jewelry supplies (StephieFace, I'm buying more mini dice!), sewing (pattern making actually), sewing magazine (Burda World of Fashion), Burda knitting magazine, maybe a puzzle book...and whatever else I can think of... Bought a new book (Honey, I found Mort!!!! I finally found Mort!!!), and the zines tonight. It's all I can do to tear into them all RIGHT NOW!!! Must behave though or I'll have less to do tomorrow.

Oh yes, and snacks...lots of snacks. And bottles of water.

And now we have all decided it's time to pack up all our respective bags and prepare all snackage for tomorrow.

I'm ready! Bring it on!!!

Ooooh...and I'm a bit behind on my Sister's gift, but should finish up the rest of the pieces I need in the first few hours at the Con...then I can sew it up!!! Yay!

PS...a new addition to the Kubla Posse this year? Ms. Cow I'd take sock monkey, but he's too much of a trouble maker.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still waiting on the blogging muses...

Hello everyone,
Yes...I do still exist and haven't yet fallen off the edge of the world. Although it is round, so that actually couldn't happen., I haven't been abducted by aliens...Hey! It could happen!!!

I've been doing nothing and everything...if that makes any sense. Still more of the always busy, nothing is accomplished stuff. At least the sleep is getting better. Except for the few days/nights last week where the temps were over 100F there....gah...don't think I did anything much for 3 days.

And I'm making wild progress on my Sister's b-day over 4 months overdue. Sigh. looks AWESOME so far! I'm very excited about how it looks so far and this'll teach me once again..STICK TO THE DAMN PATTERN!!!!

I hope to have all the bits and pieces finished off so I can assemble it during the Kublacon this year. It's already coming up again...this weekend!!! GAH.

Oh and there's making Spencer's costume for Midsummer Night's Dream...He plays Bottom, so I get to make some donkey ears. hee hee OH CRAP...that's just a week from tomorrow!!!


OK...well...guess I'd better get started on those ears...guess what I'm doing for the next few nights?

Friday, May 09, 2008

So it comes to this...


I'm sitting here at 7ish am...and I'm ready for bed...7AM people, and I'm ready to give up on the day...

I've gotten some work in while Spencer has gotten up and ready for school (we get up at 6am around here), made his lunch, and now...

I'm exhausted. Yet another bad night...I would really really really like to get some good, consistent worthwhile sleep dammit.

So, before I plant my forehead on the keyboard and end up with a nice, cute grid of keys on it, I will go back to bed.

Honey, I will be back, awake, and at work around 9:30am. We can chat then.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

At least *someone* is making progress around here...

...too bad it's not me!!!

Spencer has finished his art project. We're off together to school in the morning. He needs an adult with him to run interference on the commuter train...I'm good at that. Yes, I took pictures, yes, I'll eventually post them.

I really wasn't going to admit this, but I just have to...I've totally farked up my sister's birthday present. I realized last night that I'm not going to have enough yarn to finish it - and I'm more than 2/3 of the way thru. Sigh. I started off with 3 very large balls of the main color and 1 medium size ball of the contrast color. Oh NO!!! But I grab for the 3rd very large ball of main color, I see a problem. This last very large ball of main color, is NOT the same color as the other 2 very large balls of main color. GAH!

Soon after I began a "tearing thru the apartment and everything that could possible hold yarn search". It was fruitless...I came up empty handed. Sigh. Might as well go to bed.

Funny thing was, I wasn't upset - and I still am not upset. Go figure.

Today, for an early lunch, I popped over to the local JoAnn's and bought the yarn I needed. After some design discussion with the Honey (he was very helpful), I cast on again tonight while Spencer finished up the "art project" and we watched Season 3, Disc #1 of the new Doctor Who. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Doctor Who.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to knit on the once-farked, twice started, very late birthday present for my sister. And nothing else will get knit on until this doggone fark up is done.

I shall prevail.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Yes...I know...I know...

I still haven't posted...anything interesting...nothing but excuses. Pah.

I'm feeling overwhelmed again. Lots of things to do, I'm always busy, but nothing seems to get done. Things fall to the chores, blogging, and chores and sleep.

A few things have me down in the mouth lately...chores piling up, sleepless nights, price of airline tickets, Spencer going to DC for a week with his class (leaving on Mother's Day no less), and a shitload of other personal stuff.

I'll snap out of it completely in a bit...I'm already on my way up. I've spent a weekend of doing nothing but being creative, chatting with my Honey and spending time with my BFF and partner in crime, Antonella.

Now to get back on the chore wagon...things are more chaotic around here than ever. Spencer has an art project due on Thursday and I've been 'creating'. Both of us have made quite the mess. His is bigger than mine though. Laundry is piled high, dirty dishes are begging to be washed...and the place really needs a good dust and vacuum.

Oh, and I've been 'organizing'. Actually, it's the first step...pulling it all out and seeing what you've got...I'm working on my "office" and our school/office supplies. Gawd, what a freakin' chaotic mess and a half. Add all that to what's already laying about and well, it's a ginormously chaotic mess and a half. GAH!

Maybe it would help if I made a list or schedule or something to follow while I do this instead of haphazardly attacking whatever I feel like and whenever the spirit moves me (um...with a name like Chaos, you know it seldom moves me). One thing at a time I've always heard and read.

hahahahaha...that's a good one Donna....

I sure do crack myself up...