Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Grief...'s been a while hasn't it?!?!?!?

Well, I said I was obsessing about certain projects, and I did and I have some stuff to show.... my first pair of socks a baseball game...on a furry pillow (!)...and on the feet of the recipient (they were a birthday present)...who is very happy to have them I am proud to say.

...there are also the beading projects...and the next pair of socks already started and to the heel of the first one...

...oooh...hey, Sis...maybe you should just send me your feet measurements...I'll knit you socks for your birthday...seems i can do a pair of socks in a few days, but your other gift...welll....I'm still working on it...really, I am!!! Just ask your nephew...."Aren't you done with that yet Mom?"

...add (hahaha...typed ass at first) in work, personal life, life with a teen about to enter high school, who is eating you out of house and home...and well...I'm exhausted...

I've got lots to catch up on and it's late. I'll catch up tomorrow.

Or maybe the next day.


Oh and there are pictures...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Cow!

Go to this post at Lime & Violet and watch...and be amazed. Like...OMG!!! (say it in your best Valley Girl voice.)

I think in the time it takes her to knit a zillion stitches...I knit one...maybe two - if my hands are warmed up.

This will have to keep you occupied for a while as I'm working on some projects right now that have me totally obsessed...and totally avoiding housework and assorted chores... soon as they are done, I've got lots of work to catch up on and then I'll share.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to Tell Spring has Sprung in the Chaos...


...and a Polish (toes of course)....

...Short Skirt!

Well, not really short...I am short, so the skirt is just about knee length...which is actually perfect for me. Notice the cute new sandals....have another pair in black.

Hope to post more soon...April is a month of anniversaries. Some sad (miss you Dad and Kitty Banshee). Some very happy (Honey and I are together one year!!! Love you Honey...). Some birthdays - Happy Birthday Kitty Sammie (today)...and Happy Birthday Antonella, next week.

I don't quite know what I'm going to post about it all...I've got a few ideas...just need to get my head round them all and decide how I'm going to approach it...Plus I owe you guys some more posts about the trip. this rate I don't know if I'll ever catch up!

There has been knitting...I've cast on my first real size sock! Yay me!!! I've restarted the Holey Moley poncho...don't ask. Work still continues on my sister's B-day present...yes, I know, it was in January. Zip it. And I still have to show the sweater Honey's Mom knit for me, and some finished objects that have been finished for a while now.

I'm a slacker....I know. But I did my taxes WAAAY before the deadline...did you?

Oh...and there will be a SQUEEEEEEEE delay as I try to come down from the latest Honey news. He bought his tickets today to come visit in June! Woot! Honey will be in town for Spencer's will my Mom and Sis. Honey's turn to meet my family! YAY!

Ooohh...or should I say OUCH!!! Kitty Sammie has just given me a present on her birthday. A 4 inch long double scratch on the top of my thigh...she likes to sit on my lap when I'm at the computer...and she was startled...and I'm wearing shorts...oh...gah...OUCH! Time to go wipe off the blood, clean the scratches and get some antibiotic gel on it. Sigh.

Good thing that skirt goes to the knee.......

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No words

Just watch...found on Etsy, via

Quick! Send a Swift! STAT!

This is the last we shall mention of the ginormously obnoxious knarly-arse knot that can be created from a 180 yd hank of sock yarn whilst trying to wind it on Hugo. Twice...cos I've got two hanks of it don't ya know.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Something is missing....

I've removed the "I'm not a sweater knitter" badge. Because I am...and I will do it again... I am no longer afraid to knit a sweater. I've learned a lot about fitting and sizing and all sorts of things from reading and knitting and sewing over the last few years or so.

I have some yarn in the stash, enough for a few sweaters.

It is time....

It's the Wee Tiny Sock Post!!!!

First, there came the yarn and needles...not exactly sock yarn, but it's the thinnest I had (that I could use for practice) - it's homespun I think...part of a "Bag o' Yarn". I got this paper grocery sack of wonderful yarn (single balls of some pretty awesome stuff) for $10 from a local reuse/recycle place.

One hour after casting on, I was turning a wee tiny heel...

50 minutes from cast on, I tied off the wee tiny toe.

The next day, I made a second wee tiny sock from the sock yarn I bought for the trip. I figured I could spare some for the wee tiny sock - it doesn't take much at all.

Here's Ms Cow in her first Modeling Session, posing with Marvin DSF. One sock on each hoof.

Me: Time for "The Pose" Ms. Cow

Ms. Cow: You've got to be friggin' kidding. I'm NOT doing the pose.

Me: But Ms. have to do it. It's the "Official Chaos Sock Pose".

Ms. Cow: Don't're insane.

Me: Puhleeeeeeese?

Ms. Cow: Ok, OK!!! Just stop with the begging already!!!!

Without further ado...Donna's Chaos presents:

The Official Chaos Sock Pose...

The "Balls to the Wall" Sock Pose.

What else could it be called?!? We like the word "balls" here at the Chaos and haven't mentioned "balls" in a long time...

Ms. Cow: I have hooves for criminy's sake. There are no balls on hooves.

Ms. Cow: What-ever!

Of course, Sock Monkey came out to see what the commotion was...

SM: I should be posing with the Wee Tiny Socks. I'm a Sock Monkey for goodness sake! And I have balls.

Me: Not those kind of balls Monkey! And the socks are ummmm...tooo wee for you to wear. Ms. Cow was the only choice. Doesn't she look awesome?

SM: ...I'll hold them how they cover my....?

Me: Sock Monkey!!!!!

After this, the Green Wee Tiny Sock was sent off to Emily in PA - it's new home. The orangey sock stays here. It's the first sock I ever made...and it's kind of wonky...I could never part with it.

And now, we here at the Chaos take a slight break while we wait for a Wee Tiny sock to arrive...

Look! A new tote bag has found it's way to the Chaos. Isn't it cute? Got it at the grocery store. It's my new knitting bag. Goes with me on longish bus and train rides and to various appointments where waiting could be involved. It's sturdy and colorful and spacious and I love it. Holds a book, reading/knitting glasses, and a knitting project and the occasional stow-a-way (that would be Ms. Cow).

OOOh...what's this? Friday's post brings us a surprise!!!! Look at the pretty envelope - it came all the way from Susan in MD.

What an adorable Wee Tiny Sock!

Ms. Cow couldn't wait to put it on and model. Marvin decides to use First Sock Ever as a blaster cozy...

It's such an awesome wee sock!

Me: OK....time for "The Pose" again.

Ms. Cow: Gah.

Ms. Cow: This is the most ridiculous thing you've ever asked me to do...

I just loved participating in the Wee Tiny Sock Swap '08. This is just what I needed to get me started on sock knitting. I found the entire process quite easy and understood all the steps. It was easy, and to get started on some "me" size socks. I have two colors of sock yarn. OOOh...that reminds me...I need to show you guys some new yarn!

Next time.

Ms Cow Has an Adventure

A few Wednesdays back, I rented a car. It was Red.

It was a very red car.

Ms Cow thought it was cool.

She buckled up and came for a ride.

On the ride home (we're on the bus), she dreams of learning how to drive.

If she can drive, maybe she can drive to England to see her man, Cow - she misses him so...

I haven't had the heart to tell her that she'll only get to the East Coast...

Friday, April 04, 2008

This just in...

Wee tiny sock arrived this afternoon!

Next post up...proof of wee tiny sock knitted and recieved...


Blasts from the Past

...and my 350th post...

First blast group....Finished Objects!!!!

From the 1980's ... one of my knitting/crocheting times...I learned how to knit, crochet, and sew when I was 6, but haven't actually been knitting/crocheting the whole time. The only thing I've kept up consistently is the sewing.

First, we have a Crocheted Baby Blanket

Yes, I have crocheted, and I still occasionally crochet. Don't do it regularly anymore though, as it hurts my wrist. I can handle the odd crocheted border and smallish projects...just nothing big.

Next...we have the First Sweater I Ever Made

Notice the longish sleeves, and oddishly wide, short body. Trust me, they were exactly that. Made it for Spencer's Dad before we were married (we've been divorced for 10 yrs - and no, I don't believe in the 'boyfriend curse', nor do I blame it). It never fit him...he's um pretty skinny and tallish. I wore it for a long time. Sleeves were extremely long, but the rest fit me OK...I'm short and chunky. I loved it.

And now...the Second Sweater I Ever Made

Paid a bit more attention to the gauge and measurements this time. This one I made for me. Too bad I discovered I don't like turtlenecks. I wore it once or twice...just couldn't take the turtleneck.

If you can't tell yet, I have a problem matching sweaters to intended wearers. Sigh.

And finally, the Last Sweater I Ever Made

I splurged on the yarn. 80% wool, 20% acrylic...and lots of money ( I made all these sweaters while I was in college). Had to give up some necessaries to afford it, but it was worth it. Couldn't ever wear it without something in between it and my skin (this is where i first found out about the wool sensitivities) and was such a dense fabric, and I lived in Texas, and I don't think it ever got cold enough for me to ever wear it in Texas - even though we lived in Dallas. And does get very cold in Dallas.

Close up detail of the Cables

I'm very proud of this sweater. My first attempt at cables....Look how purdy they are! All nice and even and stuff.

And...I've actually worn it, and see? It does fit.

I was in Chicago at the time - during Winter. And Dudes, it did get cold enough to wear this sweater there...still, I only lasted all of about 15 minutes in it. Nice feathered wings (circa 1986 ish).

Why bring these out now?!? Well, I was looking through my photo boxes for other photos, and I found them. I knew I had taken them way back when...just didn't know where they were...

From looking at these, I realize...yeah, I can knit sweaters. The first two sweaters left a bit to be desired...OK, maybe a lot - they pretty much sucked. But the last sweater I made was pretty darn good. It fit me perfectly, the seams actually looked good, and it looked half ass good on.

Which makes me very sad now, since I no longer have it. At least I don't think so. Haven't seen it for years. I probably gave it away when I finally gave up the first two - probably 'cause it was too thick for me to wear. Wish I would have kept it anyway. Could have pulled it out every now and then whenever my knitting confidence faultered.

At least I have the photos left.


And now for the second blast... Cute kids!!!!

Spencer and Autumn circa 1997. It was Autumn's b-day party. Look Autumn's Mom...I found them!!!!

Here's Spencer, Autumn and G (another close friend's son - all the Moms hung out and caused did the kids...)

Click over here to see what Autumn looks like now...

And here's what Spencer looks like as-of-this-very-moment-'cause-I-just-took-the-picture (my handsome young man):

Teens....Lord help us...

Now taking donations for sanity...anybody got any extra? I'm gonna need some really soon...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

J gave me this link in the comments...

...go read it now....lovely words about knitting...from a knitter in Alaska.

Still waiting on my Wee Tiny Sock to arrive...can't wait to see it! Haven't heard yet from Emily if she's gotten the one I sent her yet.

Been dealing with some kind of bug here lately. It's hit hard...making me all weak and stuff at the most inopportune times of the when I'm swamped at work and should be working my bum off. Gah.

Comments to comments:

Thanks for all the lovely notes about my new 'do...I just LOVE. IT.

I think I'll just not say anything about the whole "how much you're worth in bed". If I say anything, I'll just get myself in trouble...none of you will believe me if I say I'm just 'normal' anyway.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Because I saw it* and couldn't resist...

bedroom toys

Congratulations, you're worth MORE in bed than the average ($225.19774479592) person taking this quiz!

I'm in the wrong profession? hahaha

*I saw it here and just had to do it.