Friday, June 17, 2011

We Visits da Mooseum Part V - Running Aways

As we came out of da Tower elebator room, we were hit wit lowd skreems.

MC: Dat's not me, I swears!

D: Good heavens. What the hell is going on?!?

MC: Langwij!!!!

D: Oh, sorry. (more screeches and howls, etc) But seriously, what the hell is going on?

As far as we cuuld see dere were kids lineded up to come into da Moosuem. Dis Mooseum. Da one we were in. Dey weren't even insides and we cuuld heer dem screaming. Dey just kept coming off da long skinny yellow tings out in da street.

D: I think it's time we made our escape Ms Cow. It seems the whole of the San Francisco School District has decided to visit this particular museum. Today. Right now.

MC: I don't knoe whut dat means but pweese huwwy and get us out of here. My eers hurts.

We pretty much ran out of da bilding and round da corner.

Where we founded dis GIANT leafs! I wanted to rest in it. It lookded comferibul.

But it was not vewy comferibul cos it had wee spikey thingys all over. It itchyd my bum. :(

Heer is Mr Turtul. Say Hi to Mr Turtul. HI Mr Turtul! He was enjoying da sunshines.

There were pwetty floaty flowurs.  See dem? I pointses to dem.

And big twistee twee twunkses!

As we were cwossing da street to go waits for da MUNI, we herd a vewi LOWD skweeeels. I think 100 kidses skweeelded all at da same time.


Mr Turtul's relaxing day in da sunshines came to a qwick end at dat time I wuud tink. Pore Mr Turtul. I shur hope he swamded away frum da skweeeeling kids!

Just den, da MUNI came and we roded back to downtown City. We were hungwe and needed some peeeses and kwiets. We got lost in da Westfield Mall lunch crowd in a quiet corner and ate a nice calm lunch before we heded to da trane to goes home.

On da way out, Donna baut a Beerded Pappa yummy thingy. We waited until later to enjoy dat one doe. When we were comfy and relaksing at home where it was kwiet, we nommed it!

It was vewi gooood! Yumi yumi! Den we took a naps cos it was a loooooooooong and tyring day. Wit some scawi bits.

D: It wasn't very scary.

MC: It was to me!!!! Espeshully when dat ladee appeered like majik to say yuu was in twubbls agen.

D: Oh hush.
Donna's notes:
As you can probably tell, we didn't really have the best of days out, but we were actually grateful to have had the chance to at least try.  I don't think we'll be heading out to any sort of museum any time soon - especially if we really want to relax and enjoy the day.  If the rules don't get to you, the million screaming kids will. I've come to the conclusion that there really isn't a good time to go to a museum .  During the week, there are the busloads of school kids.  On the weekend, there are all the people who couldn't go during the week.  During the summer, there are the families, the tourists, etc etc etc.
I am grateful about one rule tho, no using cell phones.  And just to add emphasis to that one, I'm pretty sure they have some sort of blocker in place - or maybe it's just what the building is made of - as I lost signal before I even entered the museum and didn't get it back until I was about a block away waiting for MUNI.
One important lesson I did learn.  Next time I want to see an exhibit, I'll buy the book.  Even better, I'll get the book from the library. I'd be able to settle in at home under a comfy blankie with a cup of tea, or in a big comfy chair at the coffee shop and just enjoy the pictures in the brightest light I could find.
I'll save time and my sanity...and buy some fancy-pants yarn instead.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Visits da Mooseum Part IV - Roming rownd da Mooseum

After we came out of da resting room, Donna had decided it was time to goes and sees da rest of da Mooseum. We turnded off da head phony thingy and made our way quickly through da rest of da pretty dresses.

Off to da corner at da end of de dark rooms dere was a wee shop and a study hall for fashion peoples. We couldn't go in da study hall room and we were sad because dat would have made the whole trip and all da rules worth it just to see the bookses in dere!

Instead we went to da wee shop and looked at all da books about da dresses. There was lots of lights and we could see!

Donna bought me a posty card with my favorite Balenciaga fashun sketch.

And a book about fashun for us to shares.

We decided it was time for a break and we'd go find a nice spot to sit and relax. Donna wanted to knit on da secret project and I wanted to read da new book!

D: seems the Museum is conserving energy. How can anyone see the art of it's NOT LIT?

MC: I read somewhere dat lyts can hert art.

D: Well, I can understand that, but good grief! I can't SEE anything.

MC: OOoh...I see lots of lyts. Over dere, walks over dere!

At dis time, we walked into a large room. It had GIANT pikchurs, and da room was lit by skylights in da most buutiful way.

D: OOoh, good call Ms Cow. Look at all the benches. Let's sit for a bit and just relax.

MC: Soundses really good to me.

All this peeses and calm lasted about 2 minutes. It ended as soon as I lookded at da portaits. Da faces were scawy wit BIG EYES dat followed you. We moved to diffewent benches 3 times!

We moved to da next gallery wit pottery. Bowlses and vases shuld be safes, ryt?

No benches.

MC: Ooooh, look at all dose chairses in da nekst room!

D: Those aren't for sitting.

MC: But dey are chairses. Dat's what yuu does with chairs. You sits in dem!

D: Not these, they are an exhibit.

MC: I'm confuused. Dis place doesn't make senses. Can we goes now?

D: I think we should. That puffy chair in the exhibit is looking quite inviting and I'm sure we'll be arrested if we go sit in it...

MC: Don't does dat. Yuu been bad enufs alreddy. sigh.

On the way out Donna handed over da head phony thingy and I noticed a syne by the door dat sed "Tower dat ways".

MC: Whuts a tower?

D: It's a very tall part of a building. Why do ask?

MC: Dat syne sez "Tower Dat Ways"

D: Do you want to see what a tower is?

MC: Yes. It sounds like dere is lots of lyts dere.

D: Indeed. Which way? Oh yes, off we go.

We rode in an elebator for a long time. When we got out we saw pretty tings...

And fars away tings...

When Donna tookded dis pikchur she sorta freekded out..

MC: Whuts rong nauw?

D: Crap. Do you see all those skinny yellow things in a row?

MC: Yes.

D: They are filled with children coming to see the musuems.

MC: Dis Mooseum?

D: Maybe this one, maybe the one across the road. Either way, it's a good time to leave the area.

MC: ok, I is hungwe agen and yuu ate all da waisins.

D: Did not.

MC: Did too.

D: OK. OK. Let's go before we get shushed.

At da base of da tower was a very cool hanging wire sculpchur thingy. Donna took a pikchur. And da flash wents off even doe she sed for it nots to go flashee flashees.

SC: No flash photography ma'am.

MC: SCREEEEAAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!! Dere was nowun dere 2 sekunds ago!

D: Ms Cow! My ear!!!!


D: Yes, I know. Let's just leave. It's for the best.

MC: Sorry but she scareded me! Popded up out of noweres and scareded me! ACK!

Here's the illegal pikchur. At leest da scawy ladee didn't makes us deletes it...

We Visits da Mooseum Part III - Braking da rools

About half way throughs, Donna started coughing. She choked out something about perfume and reached into the backpack for her small bottle of water.

SC: Excuse me ma'am, you can't have beverages in the exhibit room.

D: Oh, sorry, didn't mean to choke to death in front of a Balenciaga masterpiece.

SC: You'll need to put that away now, how did you even get that in here?

D: I was searched when I came in, you tell me. It's one big section and when you look in the bag you can see it.

SC: You must have hidden it.

D: (opens the backpack and shoves it at the SC) Can you see it or not?

SC: Yes.

D: Then it's not hidden, is it?

SC: Just make sure you don't pull it out again.

D: Did you notice it's spill-proof?

At this moment, Donna spots a resting room and decides we needs to go in dere (spelly chekses I ignors yuu).

It was a very pretty resting room. It was also vewy, vewy green.

D: mumble mumble rules mumble can't see mumble mumble mumble... I'm hungry Ms Cow. Do you want to share some raisins?

MC: Yes! Dat sounds yumi. Hey!!!!!! You're gonna gets in twubble agen. I'm sure it's not in da ruuls dat you can eats waysins.

D: Well, we're in the bathroom. They can't come in here and try to keep me from eating raisins, taking pictures and drinking my water.

MC: But but but yuus brayking all da ruuls!

D: There are no rules like that for bathrooms. Not yet anyway. Raisins?

MC: Why yes, tank yuus vewi much! Nommity nom nom.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Visits da Mooseum Part II - Donna gets in twubbls

(Just a quick note: there are 5 parts to this story.)

We showed our pass to the nice man at the entrance and went inside.

MC: Hay! Hoo turned off da lights?

D: That's the way it's dark in here. I can barely see anything.

MC: Ask dem to turn da lights back on, I can't see.

D: gah. I don't have enough hands to hold my pack and work this audio thingy... (puts backpack on her back)

SC (security guard): Excuse me, I'm going to have to ask you to take off your pack while you are in the exhibit.

D: huh?!?!?! Oh, sorry, just need to get this audio thingy set up and I'll take it off.

SC: You need to remove it now ma'am.

D: Well, can you hold it while I get this stupid thing set up?

SC: No...(walks away mumbling)

D: Wonder what they'll do if I put my backpack down on the floor. Or better yet, this exhibit here, it's the perfect height.

(SC turns and gives D a dirty look.)

MC: Great, you gots us in twubbls. Why didn't you askses dem to turn on da lights?

At this point, we got the headphone thingy working and we walked through the exhibit - with Donna carrying her backpack. It took her a few minutes of looking at pretty dresses to finally stop grumbling about it.

It was really hard to see most of the dresses as it was quite dark in the rooms where they were... It was very dramatic and all, but since Donna doesn't see well in lowered light, she wasn't having a good time. There weren't many peoples in the exhibit yet, but we all managed to bump into each other quite frequently. I'm sure it had something to do with not being able to see each other very well.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We visits da Mooseum Part I - Getting dere.

I'm going to tells da storee abowt owr visit to da Mooseum, but Donna sez I has to uuz da spell chex. Pooh.


Last Thursday (May 19th - ok so I'm a bit behind, it's hard to type with hooves and Donna took forever to give me da pikchurs), Donna took the day off so we could go to the de Young Museum to see the exhibit about Balenciaga and his designs.

We woke up early to catch the 8am bus to BART and made our way all the way to Golden Gate Park. It took us over an hour to get there so we had to stop and visit a resting room, get a snack and then get on MUNI for the last part of the trip. I have decided I don't likes the MUNI.

We got there soon after the Museum opened and saw some cool things on the way round to the front entrance.

We got searched at the door. Actually, Donna got searched. I burrowed deeper into her backpack because I don't like being searched. MOOOOOOO no likey.

At this time, Donna started cussing under her breath.

MC: whats is wrong?

D: I can't carry my backpack on my back? That's where I'm supposed to carry my backpack. And it's heavy!

MC: Is u twying to say I'm fats?

D: No, I've got a water bottle, snacks, a book, a sketchpad, pencil case, the secret knitting project, a pashmina, and a petite flower of a delicate Cow in my backpack. It's. Just. Heavy.

MC: Wy kants yuu ware da bakpak?

D: Something about not wanting me to back into priceless art. Some idiot must have done that at some point so now the rest of us have to follow more rules. My back already aches, this isn't going to help.

MC: lets just go gets da tikets.

D: Good idea. Oh look how my backpack swings back and forth while I carry it in my hand. It would be much safer on my back where it belongs.

MC: Oh stops whyning alredde. U gonna gets us in twubbls. Get the tikets!!! Get the tikets!!!

The nice lady at the desk gave us tickets right away. We were early and there was no line. Donna seemed to cheer up when she saw the headyphone thingies. We added on the audio tour and off we went up the steps to the exhibit.