Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Pumpkin Pie Poem

I smell something baking, it's another pumpkin pie.
I've failed at this already, I keep asking myself why?

I put in all the ingredients, just like in the list.
I should have gotten a pumpkin pie, but all I got was pissed.

I pulled it out of the oven, it was not a pretty sight,
The center was still mushy, gah, that sure wasn't right!

Beep beep beep goes the timer, it's time to check the pie,
It sure does smell good, could this be my final try?

I turn on the oven light, so far it looks good to me.
I open up the oven, and GAH, what do I see?

The middle is still liquid, it's happening again.
I put it in for more time, let's see what happens then.

Beep beep beep goes the timer, it's time to check the pie
I'm beginning to think, YES! This IS my final try.

The whip cream is at the ready, the pie is cooling on the rack.
I hope when I cut into it, I won't be screaming FRACK!

If it doesn't work, that's ok, I've got more pumpkin cans.
I'll keep trying til I get it right, for we are pumpkin fans.

I'll update you all tomorrow on the status of this second try at Pumpkin Pie. I followed the recipe on the can of Trader Joe's organic pumpkin mush and that was not only a failure, but it was EPIC. And on Thanksgiving. Not a good scene - we had our hearts set on pumpkin pie that night.

This all came about as a brilliant idea to stock up on cans of Pumpkin mush while it was in the stores so we could enjoy Pumpkin Pie during the non-Holiday season - whenever we had the craving for one. I figured it would be easy to make. Can't be that hard right? Silly me.

I googled online and found a website with recipes using Trader Joe's ingredients. So far so good.

If this one doesn't turn out, I have several more to try.

Not yer grannie's nachos...

The "Oh no, not more turkey and stuffing leftovers I can't take it anymore" Nachos

Spread some corn tortilla chips on a plate.

Chop some turkey into wee little chunks and sprinkle across chips.

Chop up some stuffing into little bits and sprinkle across chips.

Sprinkle shredded cheese liberally over the top of it all. Oh crap, ran out of shredded cheese. Pull out a slice of cheese, tear it up and put it over the last half of the nachos.

Heat it all up in the microwave until the cheese is melted.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I am so sick of Turkey Day leftovers. Wouldn't be so bad if Spencer was here with me, it would have all been gone Friday...but it's just me and I can't take it anymore. I think I'm going to toss whatever is left after tonight. No more turkey...please.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This one is for my Honey...

Bohemian Rhapsody, Muppets, what more could you ask for?

Saw it over at Go Fug Yourself...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today's guest bloggers are....

...Hi everyone, today we have guest bloggers...Cow and Honey...Ms Cow and I are recovering from our afternoon at the SF Bead & Design Show yesterday (no photos). Lots of ideas swirling round in our brains. I think my crafting Mojo is actually coming back. Yay!!!

Anyway, on to Cow and Honey...

Helo evribody. Martin has been nagging me to rite a blogpost so I am gowing to rite about howe to get to sea Ms Cow.

Mi firts plan was to desine and bild a bote with sales, and sale acros the see to Ms Cow. Martin was desining the outside of the bote, and i was desining the inside, with places for us to slepe, and hav cow parteys, and a baffrum, but no baff, cos cows dont do baffs. But martins screen broke, and he dusent hav a bote desining program on the old puter. He sed that we can use pensil and paper, but he makes to meny mistaiks and we wud need lots and lots of paper.

Then wen he was cleening owt the kichen he left the model plane a frend had maid on the cher with me and I cud hav a gud luk at it. It is a very fast plane with lots of supersonix so I thort i cud lern to fly and then i cud sea Ms Cow very very cwikly. But Donna sed plane luks just like a target drone and the er forse wud shute it down! Thats not fare!!! I cud paent it blak and wite so theyd nowe it was me but Martin sed they use radar and that dusent sea colors.

But now i hav a new plan! We saw a syense program on the tely, and they torked abowt cwontums. cwontums is wen a partykul is in 2 places at wons, but there very clos together. And they had a pussy cat that was alive and ded at the sam time, but i didnt undestand that bit. Cows ar much cleverer than partykuls, so I cud be here with Martin, and with Ms Cow and Donna at the sam time!! I just need grat big laser and a wite cote, so peepl nowe im a syentist.

Ok, this post now has two authors... Don't you just love these science shows that over-simplify everything? I've tried explaining that the distance between the places a particle might be is governed by its mass, not how clever it is; and that a particle doesn't get to choose where it might be, so there's no guarantee that all Cow's particles would end up in the same two places; and the pussy cat idea shows that one of the two Cows might be alive, and the other one dead! I'm making some headway with that one, because the thought of a dead Cow as well as an alive one would definitely upset Ms Cow. I'll concede on the white coat though, Ms Cow will indeed think he looks clever as well as handsome in a white coat...

Cow is currently conferring with Sidney the woolly dalek, which really concerns me, because with Sidney anything including lasers will involve exterminating things, since that's what daleks do, even cuddly woolly ones. If you hear in the news that the north of England has been reduced to a smoking ruin, you'll know that Cow's career as a quantum physicist has been less than totally successful. And I only made one mistake when we were designing his boat; serves him right for constantly demanding we make it bigger!

NOTE: Cow refuses to use spell check. Honey says that Cow complains that the red squiggly lines are very annoying. D'oh. Maybe we can get Ms Cow to convince him that he really needs to use spell check...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wrist Update

...and here I sit still not knowing what's up.

Get to follow up appointment. Wait.

Get called back. Wait.

Doc comes in and we start. Takes one look at MRI and radiologist's report. Starts mumbling and swearing under his breath.

Things not going very well at this point.

Seems like the MRI tech was having an "off day". He did not put a marker on the spot they needed to look at and on top of that, did not take pictures far enough up my arm to show the whole area they really needed to see.


Bottom line, Doc rips MRI supervisor a new one, which I'm sure was passed down to the tech. I was sent back to the MRI dept where I made an appointment for a partial MRI Tuesday morning.

Why wait? Well after the doc came back and explained a few things and apologized profusely, he said he wasn't going to be in for a few weeks, so I could take my time with the MRI re-do. And they weren't scheduling any non-urgent procedures that close to the holiday anyway.

Gee thanks. Just what I wanted to do...wait some more.

I did get some sorta good news out of it all...doc said that from what little he could actually see of my little bump, that it didn't seem to be attached to the nerve. And then threw a whole bunch of big fancy medical terms at me which he thought it was...and when he translated to English, it was basically a flap of some sort that needed to be removed...yada yada more pain.

All I really heard was MRI re-do, most likely not attached to nerve, no more pain. He says we really won't know until he gets hold of a good MRI - of course - but he seemed pretty sure it wasn't on the nerve.

Blah blah blah...yada yada yada...still hurts...still gotta wait.

In the meantime, I've got lots to do, don't feel like doing it and am going to do it anyway, attitude and pain be damned.


Monday, November 09, 2009

The Wrist Thing

Hello All,
Can't remember if I've ever said what was actually wrong with the wrist, so here is the story.

It's not Carpal Tunnel. There I said it. Very tired of people telling me "it's just CT - you need to stop this, this and this". Well, it's not.

It all started 16 years ago. I found a lump on my inner wrist. A ganglion cyst was removed. That was 1993.

In 1995, a smaller cyst returned - in the same area. It never bothered and I forget all about it until about a year ago. It was just a bit of weakness and or pain, every so often until about 2 months ago.

For some reason, it did something like shift or whatever and the real pain began. Big pain. After about 2 weeks of denial and just hoping it would magically go away (yeah, I know I should know better), I called the doc.

Primary doc said she could take care of it in the office. I was skeptical because I felt it was somehow different this time. I was right, she sent me to a orthopedist - a hand specialist.

The next week, I was getting poked and prodded and pinched and sent home crying after an x-ray. Yes, it hurt that much. Nothing like an exam to help you feel better, no?

An MRI was ordered. An MRI was done this morning - almost 3 weeks after it was ordered. Almost 8 weeks after it first started hurting like the dickens. The insurance company took their time pre-approving it. Yeah.

There is a follow-up appt with the doc this Thursday afternoon. I can't wait to find out what the heck is going on...I just want to get my wrist back to the way it was and get on with knitting, sewing, biking (more than I am now) and just doing stuff in general. It can get quite difficult sometimes to do the simplest things. UGH.

And the pain just keeps getting worse.

But things are looking up.

And that's the story of the wrist.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Contest! Fabulous Prize!

Not from me tho, I'm just trying to win it. :)

Such being the case (we love free things and prizes here in the chaos), go check it out. AntiM is giving away a few cool things for your home. Technically one is for your furry friend, but still, you win it.

So click on over, enter and don't forget to say Donnaz Chaos sent you (I get extra entries if you do).

Hopefully I'll win the heated leopard print kitty dish and that little witch I call my Precious Little Princess Kitty can stop going medieval on my good wrist - she's pretty much scratching/biting the shit out of it lately. Just giving her extra treaties isn't cutting it...she apparently wants MORE.