Friday, September 29, 2006

Yield to Knitter

I have been knitting furiously on the Kittyville hat - on the train and off. I'm such a rule breaker. This was supposed to be a commute-only project, but knitting around and around and around has been calming the beastie within and I need that right now. Oh well. I promise to put it down this weekend and concentrate on the Om Bag 2. I'd like to finish that up by next Wednesday so that the recipient can use it for his Pilates class. We'll see. Spencer is off to a friends for today and tonight and into tomorrow afternoon. Prime knitting time, but there is also lots to do around the house and it's been a rough week. I'm beat.

At the rate I'm working on the Kittyville hat, I just might have both the hat and the bag finished by next Wednesday. I can't believe this is me. I don't usually knit this much or this fast on anything (and pay attention to detail too). I like it. It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. I started using my port-a-pocket again, so I'm knitting in line, standing on the train, up the escalator, everywhere! Giddy up!

I had the sudden (and scary) urge to rip apart the RYS II and start it over again last night - something about not liking the shape - it's too pointy and not triangular enough. Whatever. When I get really stressed or pissed (I've been both for a few days now) I just have to rip something. Sooooo....I took a deep breath, and another, and hid it at the bottom of my knitting bag. I DO NOT want to start this over again. I like it (despite it's bizarre shape right now) and I really don't think the yarn can take being ripped up again. I felt it was best to keep it out of sight until the feeling passes. I don't know how long that will take. I'm hoping that knitting on the hat and the bag will calm me down and I can get back to the RYS II next week. Instead of destroying, I will create, create, create!

Edited to add:
Sorry no photos today, just didn't feel like it. For those wanting a photo: David needs a caption for his latest gratuitous Kilt photo. He's offering a piece (of his stash people, his stash) to the one who comes up with the best one...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Here Kitty Kitty...

Yesterday, I got a really good laugh at myself. A few entries ago, I mentioned the fact that I had found a UFO – an unfinished Kittyville Hat from Stitch N Bitch that I had started last winter. AmpuT urged me to finish it. I needed a new train project. I’m now working on it again, and it’ll be done soon and done right.

What’s so damn funny? Well, I had replied to AmpuT commenting that I think I stopped working on because it may have been too big…

What do you think? Hahahahaha

How the heck did it end up so big? Mix one stressed out chick (work was rough at the end of last year), add the wrong size needles, sprinkle a bit of total disregard for all things gauge related, and you’ve got a hat that’s too big. When I stress-knit, I tend to knit just for the sake of knitting. I don’t care about gauge, I don’t care about following patterns to the letter - I just knit and knit and knit. And then I feel better. Once I get out of my ‘knitting trance’, I’ve either got a very large afghan (I made one for Spencer that could cover a king size bed), a very long scarf or two or three, or a Kittyville Hat that is too big.


…became this…

…on to the swatch…

and casting on…

I’m really enjoying this project. It’s knitting up easily on the train – which makes it the perfect KIP project.

I also found this…that’s $1 a ball fuzzy yarn from Target (yes Target).

Now for my list of what’s on the needles:
Om Bag 2
Kittyville Hat
Squishy Scarf
Fuzzy Target Yarn ‘something’

I think this is the most I’ve ever had on the needles at one time.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cast on...Bind off...

Don't forget to read the title in your best Mr Miyagi voice (as in: "Wax on, wax off" from the Karate Kid movies 1 thru 25).

Yesterday was a fine example of chaotic knitting - and you thought the title of my blog had no relation to knitting. Bah! Stick around...

First, the normal stuff. I present FO Wrist Warmers, Fingerless Gloves (whatever)... Pattern used: my own changes to a 4x4 spiral rib sock pattern from some book about sweaters that is somewhere in my apartment buried under something else, so I can't tell you the name right now. Last year, I also modified the same pattern to make my Mom some leg warmers.

This picture was not taken at work. It was taken on my kitchen table in front of a green screen and then the image of my keyboard at the office was added later.

The same things being modeled by the lovely Antonella (look out Vanna White)...

See disclaimer above. Only difference, I added in a picture of her keyboard.

Enter caffeinated tea and lots of sugar. Too much sugar actually. So much sugar that I am being denied usage of sugar until I come down from that sugar. Guess what Antonella! I added two packs of sugar to my decaffeinated tea this morning and you couldn't stop me. Muahahahaha!

But I digress...back to yesterday...

In a successful attempt to avoid laundry (3 loads of towels and sheets - do you blame me?) and since I finished the Wrist Warmers, I cast on this...of course it's a scarf...

...a scarf using the latest stash additions acquired at the Harlot outing a few weeks ago. This is gonna take a while. I haven't ever knitted with sticks so damn big, so it takes a bit of getting used to...from the way I see it, I look like Elaine (here's a Seinfeld reference for you Gary) trying to dance, only I've got big fat wooden sticks in my hand and a yarn ball rolling about at my feet. Nice visual, eh?

After about 5 or so inches of that, I switched to knitting a few rows of this...

...Om Bag 2. Notice the finished strap above the needles. I've been working on the drawstring on BART. That will be done on the way home tonight. Check out those 5mm beauties. Fifteen and a half inches of knitting love - bought in Spain back in 1985 (got yarn too - well duh!). These babies are looooong - there's no taking these on the train - I need LOTS of elbow room when I work with these suckers. Kitty decided it was snuggle time, so that ended that.

As I put away the Om Bag 2, I saw this...

...a very lonely looking RYS II. Once Kitty snuggle time was over (she ditched me after 5 minutes), I had some love left over, so I decided to give it to the RYS II...

After 5 rows (it was going on Midnight by then), I decided I'd had enough. I think it needs a bigger Ziplock bag.

Maybe tonight I'll do the laundry. Who am I kidding?

And now for a gratuitous family shot:

Me and Spencer Boy-o at In N Out. I love my Spencer and we LOVE In N Out burgers...isn't he the cutest (I mean handsomest) kid ever?

Disclaiming the disclaimers:
Believe what you want, but I will deny any of those pictures were ever taken at work. So there. Snicker.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Knitting progress - um not really

I've read more about knitting than actual knitting - reading other blogs, searching for patterns, and re-familiarizing myself with the Om pattern as I start on the body of bag 2.

  • RYS II - no knitting on that
  • Fingerless gloves - oh yeah, they're done! That's why I was looking up patterns. D'oh.
  • Om bag 2 - strap is done, started lacework body.
  • Found a UFO on Saturday...a kitty hat from "Stitch and Bitch" - I think. I haven't found the book yet, but that's around here somewhere too.
  • Found a bunch of patterns that I'd printed out a while back. Can't wait to start on them. I've got a bunch of yarn I need to use up - so I can get more of course. It'll be sweater weather around here soon (hopefully) and that means the thrift stores are gonna start selling the good sweaters again. And for me, that means MORE YARN! Booyah! First I gotta clear out some of the other stuff.

Yeah, that's why I started out the blog with organizing. I can't ever find anything. But I decided it was much more interesting (and fun) to write about knitting. If other stuff snuck in, fine, I'd write about that too.

I'll post a picture of the fingerless gloves tomorrow. Maybe I can get Antonella to model them for us.

Friday, September 22, 2006

And Now for Something Completely Different...

I present for your viewing pleasure...

"Consume" by Spencer.

...all 5 seconds of it.


Edited: The Boy-o wants to be called by his name and his name is Spencer.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

One finished, one started

Well, now that the Om bag is done and serving it's purpose for the happy recipient, I have cast on for another Om bag for her hubby. Luckily he likes orange too. Now they will be all matchy - matchy when they go to Pilates and I will use up the rest of the cotton yarn - sure beats having to take it back to the store...I can be so lazy that way. Anything left after that will make a dish rag or get sent to the Art teacher at school.

Speaking of the Art teacher, I donated my 10lbs or so of glass beads that have been taking up closet space for about oh 6 or 7 years now. I got a coupon from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads for a glass bead grab bag (5 lbs) for $5 and free shipping if you ordered two or more. So what did I do? Someone who has never beaded in her entire life? I ordered two. WTF? I've used the equivalent of a handful of the beads. I had delusions of using it for costuming and knitting, but they were too large and heavy. Now they have gone to a good home. The kids will have fun with them and I have cleared some space in my closet. I've found a new supplier at the Ashby Flea Market. Still glass beads (the smaller size that I need), still $5 a bag. Can't get any better than that.

I knit a few more rows on the RYS II and yes, it still looks the same as it has for the last 50 or so rows. Dammit. Next triangle shawl I make will be started from the top and ending with the point. This starting at the point and working your way up pretty much sucks.

I've found a few of my UFO's from last year's hat making binge. I guess I got tired of the hats after a while and never finished these last few. Once I figure out what I was doing, I'll finish those off and then give them away. I love surprising people with small knitted things.

The second of the pair of fingerless gloves is almost done. I finished the thumb opening this morning and will most likely finish them off tonight. A will get more orange stuff tomorrow. She sure is getting lucky with yarny stuff this week, isn't she? Hee Hee

I had a fun chat with the School's Office Manager this morning. She is a crafty/artist type too and is looking for a snood to wear with her Ren costume. She's tried a few, but her dreads keep poking through, so she needs something with a closer stitch and not such an open net stitch. I searched a bit online at lunch and discovered a few patterns, but they were for sewing or crochet. I will need to do a bit of tweeking or come up with my own pattern, but I know what to give her for an appreciation gift this year. She's a beader, so I'll have to add some beads (oh darn, another chance to knit with beads - the inhumanity!) to whatever I make, be it my own creation or someone else's pattern.

Looks like the boy-o and I are off to the flea market again. His backpack isn't holding up at all. I should have known better - it wasn't meant to hold all the books he's got - but it looked damn cool! Maybe we'll learn to buy for function and not 'coolness'? And...while we're gonna be there anyway...maybe I'll just pop over to the 'Bead Lady' and get some more beads? Snicker.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

FO Ahead...

I've finished the Mystery Gift! It will be gifted as soon as Antonella gets into the office today. Thank you A for coming with me on my road trips - they are much more fun than going alone.

Drum roll please..... I present the Om Yoga Mat Bag from Stitch N' Bitch Nation!

The pattern called for just a white string to cinch in the top, but I thought it would look much better in the same color, so I knitted up a 3-stitch I-cord. Much better!

(BTW: Todd, if you read this, I have enough yarn left over to make you one too, but it'll be orange. Let me know if you want one.)

And now for something a wee bit different...

The latest progress on the RYS II since I tied one more ball that is...hee hee.

See the green stitch holder? That's the row that should have been the last row before the finishing. Now it's not.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Honk Like a Pirate?!?

Avast me harties! Today be talk like a pirate day, but mostly all I be doin' is honkin'. The laddie be passin' on some throat germs and now I be all goose talkin' instead of pirate talkin'. At least I be able to write like a pirate! Arrgh!

And now we be updatin' ye on some pirate knittin' progress.

The fingerless gloves be half finished.

The mystery gift be blocked and ready for assembly - arrgh!

The RYS II lives on...on the needles that is...

I bound off the damn thing then realized I can't estimate worth shit. It's not as big as I thought it I undid the bind off, put it back on the needles, and tied on another 100yd ball. The insanity continues.

D'oh. I'm supposed to be typing like a pirate. Arrrgh! So here it be in all it's glory lookin' all soft 'n cuddly on the sheepish rug. Mayhap I be walkin' the plank fer startin' this up again? At least I not be froggin' the whole bit and startin' over. I'd be walkin' the plank fer sure.

A hale an' hearty Yo Ho for me for I be sportin' the Jolly Rodger across me treasured chest this fine day! Arrrrgh!

Yo Yarn Ho and a bottle 'o Rum! A pirate's life for me! Arrrrgh!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Proof of Knitting

The last few days have been interesting. If you leave out the pain in the knees and totally screwing up at work, you might even call it fun.

Thursday, the company sent us all to the SF Giants game against the Colorado Rockies. I started a pair of orange fingerless gloves for my friend Antonella. The pattern is a combo of several (aka I'm winging it) with the wrist part being a 4x4 spiral rib. See? Here I am at the ballpark knitting...

Once the beer kicked in, and the kettle popcorn came along...well, the knitting was put aside. It was hard to keep up with the game sitting where we were, but that's ok. I had some great company. A few of us took a walk about the park and tested out the Coca-Cola Slide in the outfield 'play' area...

The Giants ended up winning the game, but I couldn't tell you what the final score was unless I looked it up. What I do know is that there sure are a shitload of stairs at a ballpark (that explains the knee pain).

Ummm...this isn't my desk at work...riiiight... I needed a break on Friday, and what better break than a knitting break...

Friday sucked so we'll just skip over that day. Although it did finish up with seeing a hunkerific guy in a Downtown Berkeley store I went to - he sure was handsome. Some day I will be able to talk to newly met men without totally dorking out. It's a curse I tell you.

The weekend was pretty quiet. It was nice. Boy-o spent Friday night over at a friends and then went to a game store auction on Saturday morning. He came back with over 70 miniatures (vintage 1981) - "but I got such a good deal Mom". He only spent $15 (total bargain - you go boy-o!) but still. Ugh. I'm beginning to hate those things. They are everywhere in the apartment. We've got to get it under control or I'm gonna 'splode. He's got the containers, he just can't bring himself to put things away once he's pulled them out and it's driving me nuts. Deep calming breath...

For Sunday I can't decide if we should go back to the Ashby Flea Market, trek over to the Concord Flea Market, or stay home so I can torture the boy-o by making him clean up those damn miniatures. I'm thinking torture! Buahahahahaha

Somewhere in there he needs to do homework and prep for next week. A mother's work is never done. At least his Dad got him to get a haircut - he won't be too much of a mushroom head this year for school pictures - and there won't be any blue streaks. Woohoo!

Time to tweak my furniture designs and make some tech drawings and figure out some specs. This is actually really interesting. If I get around to making some of it, it will be cool. If not, it'll still be cool.

Well, Sunday has come and gone and this is what we did: we went to breakfast - tea and scones at Peet's - and then hit a few new/used book stores before coming home and hanging for the whole day. I just didn't have it in me to nag the crap out of him to organize all his minis. Guess I'll just save it up for another day.

Here's what the fingerless glove looks like now...

Like my mini-circs? From tip to tip, they are only 10 1/2 inches. Sweet. They were my Grandma S's needles. She passed on before I was born, so I feel a little bit connected to her through these. Maybe she used these as she cussed and dropped stitches while listening to her teams on the radio...I know I got in my fair share of cussing - casting on and getting started with these little things is a bitch!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

If you're happy and you know it...

...block your stuff. Yada yada yada. Yeah, that's weird. Hey, I'm running on less than 5 hours of sleep here. Feel free to question my sanity at times like these...everyone else does.

You can't tell by looking at me, but I'm ecstatic today. Weeeee. Why do you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked. Now I'll tell you.

RYS II is ready for beading. Yay! I finished up the last 100 yd ball last night. And I'm NOT GOING TO RIP THIS ONE AND START IT OVER EVER AGAIN. Promise. Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to edge this behemoth. Time to pull out the stitch books and do some on-line research. Should I knit the edge or crochet it? Decisions, decisions. I can't wait until it's done. It's going to be big enough to wrap up two people! The boy-o is already wrapping himself up in it while I'm trying to work on it, so I can see us on the couch when things cool off fighting over the RYS II watching dubbed Kung Fu movies on Saturday afternoons... Then there's always snuggling with my honey (WANTED: one hunkerific honey) watching Kung Fu movies on Saturday night hoping things heat up. D'oh! I'm soooo loving the RYS II.

The last piece of the mystery gift is almost done. Almost time to assemble. But first some blocking action. My first FO that's not flat and square or rectangle in a loooooong time that's not an itty bitty baby bootie.

I've been such a knitting wimp. Just knitting for the sake of knitting (and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that), no shaping, no seaming, not wanting anything too difficult. Time to branch out, try new stitch patterns, new shapes - next knitting fear to conquer? Socks. I've seen lots of patterns on-line I'd like to try, but what are some good non-animal fibers I can use to make socks? Some suggestions would be helpful. Anyone?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just another boring entry

The mystery gift is moving right along. It has 3 pieces, I'm done with two of them. I should be done with the last piece tonight barring any distractions like laundry, housework, or falling asleep. Then I can block and assemble and gift! This should be interesting. I haven't seamed anything bigger than a baby booty in forever. I avoid seaming - it's a sport for me. I knit either flat stuff or in the round. If this works out, I'll be on the floor passed out from shock. ha ha And I'll have a really cool gift for a really cool person.

The RYS II is humongous. Funny how one day it looks like it always has, the same size, like I'm NEVER going to finish it, etc. Then I wake up the next and it's friggin' HUGE. I'd say I've got about 20 yards or so left on this ball before I start with the beaded stuff. Way cool! I still haven't figured out how I'm going to do it yet. Do I bind off and then add a beaded edging? Sounds cool. Need to research some edge stitches, sleep on it and see what I come up with. I get my best ideas while sleeping. Seriously.

Need to search the patterns and stash for a small project by Thursday. The company is taking us to a SF Giants game on Thursday and I will be bringing along my knitting. Carrying on a family tradition of sorts. My Dad always used to tell me how his Mom would knit while listening to the games on the radio - cussing and dropping stitches the whole time. I do it already anyway, might as well throw a baseball game in the mix. The boy-o thinks it's hilarious.

Until next time...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Jeez that took forever...

...what a pain in the ass. FINALLY got everything posted from this weekend and the Yarn Harlot visit. Now it's back to work. Guess I'll finally cave and pick up some groceries on the way home tonight. Still need to do laundry too. Argh.

And now for something completely different...

I close my eyes in a silent prayer in rememberance of all those who lost their lives on 9/11/01, of thanks to all those who worked the site for rescue and recovery, and for those who were left behind...I will never forget.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Great Ending to the Weekend

Sunday started with another late awakening - almost too late! I dragged my tush out of bed just in time for a quick shower and drive to pick up my friend visiting from Dallas - Pam. I haven't seen her in years, but we keep in contact via email. We had a great lunch (thanks again Pam) and great conversation. We only had a few hours, but we had a great visit anyway. It was great to see her again.

Now, I'm sitting here typing out my weekend and saving it to draft. I will download the pictures tomorrow and do the final posts.

Time to sign off, turn on the TV or CD player and knit. I've got a mystery gift to work on and a RYS II that needs a few more inches and some gorgeous glass beads to finish it off.

Laundry, grocery shopping, general chores? Nah, I'm knitting...I don't want to ruin my weekend with work...

...and this concludes my weekend. It's now Monday afternoon, I'm done uploading photos, so everything is officially blogged. Ta Da!!!!

A Very Harlot Street Party

It was actually in the parking lot behind the store...the Harlot in a back alley...hahaha

Saturday started up with sleeping in late (a wondrous luxury) and then I picked up my friend Antonella around 1:30 and we headed south to Los Altos. We talked and laughed all the way and I didn't get us lost. I get lost a lot (I can't yak and drive), so that was quite an accomplishment for me. hee hee

After driving around downtown Los Altos looking for parking that wasn't for 2 hours only...we found a spot a few blocks from the store and grabbed it. The weather was awesome so it was a joy to walk around. We headed to Full Thread Ahead for sign-in, zone assignments and a look-see around. I filled out a 'name tag' for my blog. What a great idea!

I, of course, can't walk into a yarn store without buying something, but money was tight, so I ended up at the clearance wall. I wanted to buy something to support the 10% of all purchases goes to Stephanie's charity Knitter's Without Borders, etc etc etc. So...I managed to find this...

...the yarn is soft and cuddly and the needles, well I just had to get them (size 35)...I made it out of there for under $10. My heart was sad, but my wallet was ecstatic. It helps that I can't touch most of the yarn in there. Sigh...Both A and I are sensitive to animal yarns. Grrr. We did find some beautiful silks and cottons to pet. And then there was the bamboo and corn fibers. Gonna have to get me some of that when I've got the cash.

Then we wandered off to find some food. I still hadn't eaten a whole lot yet and by 3pm I was hungry. We found an Italian Deli called appropriately enough, The Italian Delicatessen...

...where I had a yummy Avocado Delight sandwich. Mmmm...

After sitting around a while at the sidewalk tables watching all the various knitters go by, we decided to find something sweet to eat. So we set out again, and found this bakery...Satura Cakes...

...what heavenly concoctions and smells. It reminded us of a Parisian Bakery. We didn't want to leave. I had a strawberry tiramisu and Antonella had some gorgeous chocolate cake. Add espresso for her and iced coffee for me and you've got one awesome afternoon. We hung out there for a bit until 5pm when we headed back to the store to get seats for Stephanie's talk that started at 5:30pm.

Here's my view of the venue and audience...

There was some chatting amongst the knitter's, some checking out of each other projects and lots and lots of knitting. I've never seen so many people knitting at one time. It was so cool. That's when I met the knitter who admired my RYS II and suggested I post the pattern. And I will. Eventually. :o)

There were a few contests for oldest/youngest knitters...who has been knitting the longest/shortest time...who has the most stitches on the needles for their lace. There was a sock contest...who came the farthest - some gal from Canada, no less. There was a contest for the men knitters in the crowd too. Hollis was very generous with the prizes - what a great hostess!

...then Stephanie arrived...

..."Knitting is interesting...and it's fun"...

...she is one funny lady...

...answering questions while knitting on the Traveling Sock...

When the talk was over, those holding cards for zones 1,2, and 3 got in line for book signing and pictures, etc with Stephanie. The rest of us in zones 4 and up (we were in zone 4), left to hang out around town for the next hour and a half. Most of us went for dinner. Antonella and I ended up at a small Cantina a few doors down from the yarn shop (sorry, no photo, and I can't remember the name of it darn it).

Of course Sock Monkey made the trip too... Antonella had yummy taquitos and I had a yummy chile relleno. Sock Monkey wasn't hungry.

After dinner, we still had about a half an hour to wait, so we headed to...Satura Cakes for dessert and coffee. This time we each had strawberry shortcake. Heaven. We talked to more knitters. One lady was from Berkeley who was meeting her friend from Gilroy. They 'met in the middle' to see Stephanie together.

We headed back to Full Thread Ahead just in time to get in line to see Stephanie. When it was our turn, I introduced myself and my friend Antonella - who happens to be from Ottawa. Stephanie then proceeded to scare the crap out of her by saying she was going to give her a test that only true Canadians can pass. The look of panic on A's face was priceless. Wish I had a picture of that. Also wish I had a video of what happened next...Stephanie then said "Only a true Canadian can finish this sentence". "When you eat your Smarties..." And A responded "Do you eat the red one's last?" Then they proceeded to sing the entire jingle. It was great! A told me later she was so freaked that Stephanie would ask her some history or political question. Hah! This one was a lot more entertaining! I gave Stephanie a pin with the Canadian and US Flags on it and then she signed my book and posed for a picture with us. I asked her to hold Sock Monkey. She said "If I hold the Monkey, you hold the Sock!" Yes folks, I got to hold the Traveling Sock!

(Me, Antonella, and Stephanie)

Then I dorked out - as you can see in the picture. Ha ha I was so excited, I couldn't smile normally. As we were leaving, she said, "I just love knitters!" Well, Stephanie, so do we!

Sock Monkey is in love...

Thank you Stephanie for not only being a great person, knitter, and author, but for also hanging out so long to make sure we all got to meet you. You ROCK!

A huge shout out to Hollis of Full Thread Ahead and her family, staff, and friends and everyone who made the event all that it guys did a great job!

We had a great time. A final thanks to Antonella, for letting me drag you all over the Bay Area when I get some crazy hair up my ass for a road trip. You're a fantastic companion and friend - great minds think alike...

The Weekend Begins

Friday started the weekend off great!

A few friends and I ran out of the office to get to the dojo on time. We then proceeded to watch the boy-o complete and pass his purple belt test. I'm so proud of him...

We then went to Taqueria Monte Cristo around the corner and down the street a bit for a great celebration dinner. Boy-o went home with Dad and a few more 12 yr old friends for the weekend and I went home to find this....

...a brand new fridge. A freaking huge new fridge. Only problem? It's empty doggone it. Now I get to do one of my least favorite activites - grocery shopping. Needless to say, I'm typing this on Sunday afternoon and it's still empty...I've got to go and do laundry too. Time to knit I guess, I can't stand either of those activities...hee hee.

A Very Harlot Street Party Pre-Story

Stay tuned for a few pictures and a few words about our experience going to see Stephanie, a.k.a. the Yarn Harlot...

I met a knitter (whose name I can't remember - sorry) - who suggested I put up the pattern of the RYS II. Yes, once it's done, I will. Stay tuned...

The RYS II received lots of complements at the event. I'm so happy about that. I was getting tired of it and was beginning to question the design and my sanity. And now, I have renewed energy to finish it exactly as planned. Due to popular opinion, I will just trim it in beads, no fringe. Thanks to my road trip buddy Antonella who said the fringe would take away from the overall look and make it too busy. And thanks to all who contributed the opionion that it just screamed out for beads. I agree! :o)

Friday, September 08, 2006


Came home to find this yesterday...

But what is the problem you ask? Your fridge unit is full of yummy stuff, no? Weeelll, the freezer food is thawed and melted, and the fridge food is warm and gooey. And it all stinks. Ack. The darn thing died sometime in the last few days. All was fine on Tuesday night - the last time I opened either section. Guess I should cook more often, eh? While I don't mind throwing away spoiled food ('cause you know I don't cook often, and well, sometimes stuff goes bad before I get around to cooking it up and so I toss a bit every now and then) I do mind throwing it all away at once. Especially after I just bought it all. And some of it is yummy leftovers from when the boy-o cooked on Monday, and the yummy lemon bars he made... Grrrrr...

Oh yeah, and the dishwasher is leaking too.

Right now, I am thanking my lucky stars that I am renting. I called up the apt complex office, gave them my sob story, and I will either have fixed appliances or new appliances when I get home today. How conveeenient.

Have a great weekend everyone! Mine starts off tonight with the boy-o's karate test - he's going for the next level up. He Rocks! Then, tomorrow is my day trip to go see the Harlot. Girls day away from the chaos - that alone is worth an hour or so in the car. Add the Harlot and a bunch of like-minded crazy folk, and it's a good day.

Pictures and a post on Sunday. Oh yeah, and a really good friend from Dallas will be in town for the weekend for a reunion on Saturday, so we are going to meet up on Sunday for lunch.

Can't wait to get it all started!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Letting it drag on some more...

...'cause I just can't stop myself.

Decided to add another 100yd ball of recycled yarn for the RYS II. That'll bring it up to a total of 500 yds used when all is said and done - plus however many yards it takes for the fringe. 'Cause, oh yeah, I'm adding fringe - with beads. These are the beads I bought at the flea market last weekend...

...the whole bag for $5. Don't match you say? Wait for it....

Gorgeous dahling! Can't wait to get to the finishing part so I can get those beads on the RSY II. I've already got another project in mind for the remaining 400 or so yards of what's left - and yes there will be beads involved. Will also buy more of these beads in another color for some dance costume pieces I've been wanting to make for forever. Need to start designing those.

Meet my new backpack "Bippie". Yeah, so I named it...

Meet all the stuff Bippie can carry...

...and that's just in the main section. There are five other pockets filled with stuff too. You can deduce from the contents that I like: the color black, the color green, silk, cats, and carrying around everything but the kitchen sink.

See my new green silk bag from Chinatown?

I like it. It's green, it's silk, and it has a sexy tassel. Kitty loves it too...

...she went straight for it when I laid all the stuff out on the bed. Also notice the obligatory Ziplock bag of knitting. That's the RYS II in that little bag...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Same old same old

It's finally here. The mundane every day goings on of the school year. Huzzah! Once all us parents figure out the carpooling and the before and after school crap, everything will be just fine. Ahhh....there's something wonderful about a boring routine. Funny how it never seems boring, and there's never a dull moment and plenty of wrenches thrown here and there to keep things interesting.

I'll take it.

Three inches left on the mystery gift. Just a wee bit left of the latest 100 yard ball on the RYS II. It's so hard to tell how big it actually is...guess I'll take Harlot's advice from her new book and put all the stitches on some waste yarn and then attempt to measure it. It's on circs now, the only good measurement I get is length - and I don't think it's long enough just yet - darn it! If I stop at 400 or 500 yds with it, I still have 500-600 yds left of yarn - what to do with that? I'm tired of this yarn, so maybe I'll just put it back into the stash and drag it out again next year when I feel like a little self-torture. Gak.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to Work, Trudge Trudge

Well, the work week has begun again. The boy-o was supposed to be in the office with me today, but he ditched me to spend the day with his friends. Can't blame him. It's pretty boring and quiet around here since the buy-out and it's the last day of summer freedom. Might as well do something fun!

In the meantime, here I sit at work, doing the same ol' same ol'. Woe is me... BUT...I'm getting paid, and I'm still employed, know the rest. I should be happy, grateful, blah blah blah. Can't help but feel a bit melancholy today. It's the whole 'my baby is growing up' thing. He's starting 7th grade tomorrow. WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chin up old girl...

And now for something completely different. A final "Crikey" goes out to Steve Irwin wherever you are now. Rest in Peace you crazy Aussie.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Harlot Countdown

Five more days until the Yarn Harlot comes to CA. My friend and I are going to drive down to Los Altos to see her at Full Thread Ahead. It's going to be a wee bit of a haul, but that's OK. Maybe just an hour or so. I'm used to driving all over the place. I used to live in Texas and drive from Dallas to Galveston for the weekend. This trip will be a piece of cake compared to that.

Road Trip! You bet I'll have pictures and will post all about it. We are looking forward to getting out of town if only for a half day. Girls day out. Look out Los Altos! The knitting nation is about to descend upon you - can you handle it?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A great weekend...

Saturday was a great day! Yes David, I am enjoying a stress-free weekend, thanks for the good wishes. Also, the boy-o says Thanks! for the good luck thoughts.

A day at the Ashby Flea Market for backpack bargains, great turkey dogs, a wooden practice sword (for the boy-o), and a bag o' beads for my RYS II. On the way home, we stopped at Milano Gelato in downtown Berkeley for the best gelato ever! I recommend the Cantelope and Strawberry flavors. The boy-o recommends After Eight and Chocolate Chip. Yum! Yum! For dinner it was In 'n Out Burger.

A day of bargains and favorites. Topped off with a few more inches knitted on the mystery gift and the RYS II.

Today was good too. I did wake up early (about 4am ish) and couldn't go back to bed, but that's ok. I got some design ideas about some furniture I want to build for the apartment. Now I need to get them down on paper before I forget them. I did laundry before we went to the Senior Center's All U Can Eat Pancake Breakfast. Scroll down to the Drop-In actitivies list for Sunday. I highly recommend this - $2.25 for adults, $1.25 for kids under 12. The pancakes taste yummy and are served with a smile. After breakfast it was back to the house for rest before the boy-o went to Black Diamond Games for Privateer Press Play day. He spent 4 hours kicking butt and getting his butt kicked playing War Machine. While he was there, I went school supply shopping, school clothes shopping, and just hanging out. Needless to say I am now broke - this is getting more expensive every year.

Now I will get some ideas down on paper and then knit.

Tomorrow is a day of nothing or everything. Depends on what we feel like doing when we finally do get up in the morning. I like unstructured days...

I don't have any progress pictures - the RYS II still looks the same even with a few more inches on it and I can't post a picture of the mystery gift yet - not til I'm done and it's been gifted. Maybe I'll post a picture of the beads I bought. Can't wait to start working on that part of the shawl...

Take it easy folks, have a safe and restful Holiday tomorrow.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Just in time for the weekend... that I've had some sleep, the cramps that could stop a charging rhino are gone, and the diarama is turned in...I can relax and knit. I could have been doing laundry, re-organizing my kitchen cabinets, cleaning the bathrooms, etc etc etc, but I chose to knit.

Last night as I watched the boy-o avoid cleaning up his painting mess (we do that so well around here), I pulled out my knitting and worked some more on the mystery gift. The boy-o says it looks cool, so I'm hoping the giftee thinks so as well. I worked some more on the RYS II this morning on the way to work and also at work while I was waiting for some stuff to finish. I can't really do anything else until the stuff is done, so I figured I would put the time to good use.

I am rested and relaxed. Just in time for a 3 day weekend. Wahoooo!

I'll crank out the stuff on my apartment to-do list tomorrow...

Have a great Holiday everyone, be safe!