Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Boy... longer. Spencer is now a "young man".

My young man is now 16 - as of 6:49am this morning - I swear, I woke up in the middle of the night with labor pains to mark this momentous occassion.

Seems like just yesterday that I took my first look at the wriggling baby who wrapped his long, tiny fingers round my one big finger in the delivery room.

Now he's pushing 5'10", is about 160lbs and wearing size 11 shoes.

No photos today cos I'm a totally lame mother. We went out to breakfast this morning before I headed off to work and he went off to spent the day with his best buddies. I took a photo of our burritos, but not my newly driving 16 yr old son.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It is official.

Spencer and I just spent 1.5 hours at the local DMV office getting his driver's permit. As long as he follows the zillion and one rules they attach to it, he's a legal driver.

In 2 days he turns 16. old.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Well here we are...Summer.

Mom's b-day, Spencer's b-day, my b-day... plus all sorts of other things going on.

Spencer starts his First. Job. Ever. on June 28th.

Can he really be turning 16?!? Good Grief!

He's very excited, I'm feeling so not looking forward to turning 47 next month.

Freakin 47. Figured I should get all my aging angst out of the way for the next few years so that when I turn 50 I can do so without flipping out. We'll see in 3 years. :)

Almost done with Mom's b-day socks. If you are my friend on Facebook, they are my secret project. Mom's b-day was back on June 4th, and it's about to be about a zillion degrees hot where they live, but yes, I'm knitting her a pair of socks - and they are late. Just shut it.

My Sis reads the blog, but Mom doesn't go near the computer, and Sis already isn't saying anything to Mom about the socks, so it's safe to post here.

Have a few other things I've been making for her and my Sis, so will send those off with the socks. The Socks should be done in the next few days. Hope I remember to take photos of all this stuff before I send it all off - I get excited to finish things and mail them and then realize I didn't take photos! D'oh!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Train spotting...

Left-handed knitter on the train,
Knitting fast and true.
I looked up, you smiled at me,
I smiled right back at you!

Ah, the knowing smile of a fellow knitter that says "We got it right don't we - best thing to do on the train."

I've finished all sorts of books and now I'm all booked out. Time to knock out some small knitty projects while I ride on the train. I've never actually knit over the summer (wool + heat + me = ugh), so we'll see how long I can keep this up. It's not officially summer yet, but the temp yesterday in my neck of the woods was 97F. It's back down to the 80's this week, so there will surely be plenty of knitting.

Oh yeah, Disc 1 and Time Traveler yarn, both delivered on Saturday. Watched the dvd and the yarn is on the shelf and readily available for petting. :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Time Lord Craziness...

Gah. OK, so the yarn didn't show up yesterday, but should be here any day. I can live with that...not like I'm going to drop everything and start on Dr Who socks as soon as it shows up. I'll probably just fondle the balls for a few days and wish for my sanity back as I rub them together.


What I can't believe I did was mess up my Netflix queue. Two discs of the last special with hottie David Tennant as the Dr. I get the usual shipment notice in the email yesterday. Disc 2 is due to arrive on Wed.

Whuh?!? Disc 2? I haven't gotten Disc 1 yet. Wtf?

Quick check of the queue shows I put disc 2 before disc 1. Sigh. Going to take a few days of sending Disc 2 back, getting Disc 1 and then adding Disc 2 back to the queue.

Yeah, the "Ins and Outs of being me".


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Time Lord Obsessed

OK, so I've been really busy about the Chaos, at work (this job thing really wears me out - in a good way tho), Kublacon (another year down) and just the daily ins and outs of being me.

Still trying to recover from Kublacon - there are photos to be taken and items to be added to the shop.

Posts to be written about Kublacon, what I've been making, the fact that my wrist is recovered enough to knit with small needles again, happenings about town, things seen, Spencer's doings, etc.

Meanwhile, the latest Knitpicks catalog pops into my mailbox. Damn them, they always seem to arrive when I'm at my weakest...

Anyone else notice the "Time Traveler" self-striping sock yarn? Love the description!

Anyway again....6 balls later...ordered during a particularly weak moment during Kublacon weekend....on their way to be delivered today to the Chaos. I've also stocked up my Netflix queue with a bunch of Dr. Who episodes, old and new, so that I may knit away whilst watching. :)

I had an idea to knit a neverending scarf, but it will have to be quite thin in order to take advantage of the stripes. I like thickish scarves, so nah. I think I'll stick to socks. I know of 3 Dr. Who fans who would appreciate a Tom Baker-esque pair of socks and 6 balls is the perfect amount for that. :)