Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Let's explain about the Chaos and Arts n Crap bit, shall we?

I just copied this over from something I wrote last year on the Space when I started it. After reading some of those old entries I have to chuckle. I was complaining about gas prices being too high @ $2.75 a gallon. Here we are @ $3.14 just one year later - and yes - I'm still bitching about it!!!!!


Donna's Arts n Crap is taken from something my friend C started. S and I were visiting C, her hubby and son one weekend (they live about 2 hours East of here). I consider myself a crafty, imaginative person and usually come up with some great stuff - other people think so too, so no, it's just not me. Whether it's storage ideas, costume ideas, making something from junk, reworking clothes or furniture, whatever. I was telling C about my latest ideas and she said I should start a store called "Donna's Arts and Crafts". Well I don't know who it was, but one of us did a Freudian slip thing and it came out as "Donna's Arts and Crap Store" later on that day. We had a lot of fun with that (and still do) and while I was thinking about a starting a blog and what the hell will I call it, C sent me an email, and that triggered a thought about her store name idea. Being that my apartment is filled with crap, art supplies, and various projects and art in all stages of life, it seemed appropriate.

What happens once I organize my apt - will this title of Chaos still be relevant you ask? I don't think it matters, but yes, it will. I will always have some sort of crap stash (as in junk) and/or art, and/or sewing, and/or knitting, and/or costume project going on BUT it will be organized and not taking over the apartment - so the Arts N Crap will still ring true as well. I'm pretty sure that there will be some aspect of my life that is disorganized and cluttered with crap either literally or metaphorically throughout my life, so don't worry. I seem to thrive on chaos, so there has to be some in my life at all times, hopefully the amount of it will continue to decrease. I have a good start at reducing it, so I have no doubts about that!

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