Wednesday, October 25, 2006

About to Bust

Yeah, I'm excited. The 'big' day is finally here!

Tonight, I meet AmpuT at her regular SnB gathering. I've made my 'green not teal' Hallowig, added some corny embellishments, and I'm ready to go.

Being stressed out with work and an extra 12-yr old for a few days, I've been forgetting things. Little things. However, I did manage to remember to charge up the batteries for my camera and pack some knitting projects. Priorities, you know. Every so often I check to make sure I've got pants on or my shoes match, or my shirt is right side get the picture.

I am ready to escape tonight into the world of yarn, needles, and meeting new folks. Hope I don't dork out too much. If so, I'm sure I'll have photographic proof later.

Now if I could only remember where I parked my car...

Hee Hee - I actually do remember...psych!

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